Gift cards for Milwaukee meal delivery services are a great way to show you care! 

You know you want to give a casserole to your friend in need, but who's got time for that?? Give the gift of time via a prepared meal and sweet treat to someone who needs it and you both win. Even better, you're supporting a local small business so we all win!

Or perhaps a friend with a new job or new baby simply needs help getting dinner on the table.

Armed with your thoughtful gift, the recipient can place an order on their own time and with their own tastes in mind. Together, let's bring a tasty meal and full hearts to every table within reach!

Here are our average prices to give you an idea of how much money to put on that card.

Serves 1

Salads, Soups – $9.50 - $11
Entrees – $13.50
Desserts – $7.00

Serves 2

Salads and Soups – $18 - $21
Entrees – $25
Desserts – $11

Serves 4

Salads and Soups – $34 - $40
Entrees – $41
Desserts – $19

Serves 6

Salads and Soups – $51 - $60
Entrees – $61.50
Desserts – $28.50