Got a question? We've probably got your answer below. Check it out and then contact us if you need more. We're hear to help!

Can I see a menu? 

You can find our current menus here

When do you deliver? 

We deliver to your home or office between 2 and 5 pm on Wednesday and Sunday afternoons.

Where do you deliver? 

We deliver roughly 15-25 miles from our kitchen in Wauwatosa, but check out this map to get specifics.

How much does this cost? 

Here are some average prices to give you an idea of your investment.

Order four or more products for 10% off. Get 20% off when you order over seven products!

Serving Sizes

Serves 1

Salads, Soups – $9.50-$11

Entrees – $12-$15

Desserts – $7.00

Serves 2

Salads and Soups – $18-$21

Entrees – $23-$28

Desserts – $11

Serves 4

Salads and Soups – $34-$40

Entrees – $37-46

Desserts – $19

Serves 6

Salads and Soups – $51-$60

Entrees – $55.50-69

Desserts – $28.50

What is the delivery fee?

At this time, we are not charging delivery fees for most places!

Hartland friends in 53029 - we do have a $10 charge to come all the way to you. Combine orders with friends or consider a work place delivery that's in the free zone next time.

How does the Real Good Rewards program work?

Earn a point for every dollar you spend (and watch out for extra credit like following us on the socials or having a birthday, you know... tough stuff) and get credits for future orders.

Also, you'll have a personalized link to share with friends. If they place an order following that link, you'll both get $20 off your next order. No max on this program, so tell everyone you know!

Do I have to sign up for a subscription? 

Nope! Come and go as you, please.

How do I order a gift?

If you know what the recipient would like, you can place a gift order just like a regular order, substituting the recipient's address for the delivery address. Otherwise, we also offer Gift Cards.

Will I have to do any cooking? 

Our dishes are ready to roll. All of the chopping, sauce-making and assembly is done for you. Just pop in the oven or microwave and go! Every now and then we'll have something marked as "KIT", but even that will just have a step or two.

Can I customize my order? 

While we strive to have at least one vegetarian, dairy-free, nut-free, and gluten-free thing on the menu each week, we do not customize other dishes to reflect special diets or tastes. (I get it - that's why you'll rarely see mushrooms on the menu. 😉 ) We are able to keep our services most cost-effective this way.

Do you accommodate food allergies? 

If you have a food allergy in your family, please consider contacting us before your first order. While we would love to be of service, we are in a kitchen that uses common allergens. If we can't help you, we'll help you find someone who can.

How big are your portion sizes? 

Most dishes are offered in four sizes – individual, serves two, serves four, and serves six. We like to say these are somewhere between what nutritional guidelines suggest and what our Midwestern eyeballs expect. All options come to you in recyclable containers ready for the microwave or oven.

How do I order? 

We release our new weekly menu every Tuesday. You’ll find it here, in our email, and in our Instagram stories. You can order any time before noon three days before delivery. (So Sunday for Wednesday delivery and Thursday for Sunday delivery.)

We can deliver to your work, home, daycare, or other location of your choice within the delivery area. You’ll receive a text message when we are en route.

What do you offer? 

On each menu, you will see soup, salad, entrees, and dessert. Additionally, we have a whole selection of Marketplace products created by fellow local food professionals. All of our food is wholesome and delicious and we'll especially call out anything that is particularly kid-friendly or would freeze well.

We rotate favorite selections with new offerings, so please let us know if you have a favorite or something you’d like to see.

How is TRGL working to reduce waste? 

Through The Real Good Life meal delivery service, we ensure you only have the ingredients we know you’ll use. We give you the exact measurement of each ingredient for each dish prepped into minimal packaging. No more moldy food hanging out in your fridge or pantry.

Meanwhile, in our kitchen, we do our best to order only what we need for our customers. Extra meals are sent to the Ronald McDonald House or Kathy's House and food scraps are turned into other food (homemade veggie stock, breadcrumbs, etc.) or composted via Compost Crusaders.

The majority of our packaging is recyclable or reusable. If it’s not accepted with your home’s recycling (ex. plastic baggies), we suggest you use the bins at grocery or hardware stores that accept additional plastics.

Food waste and recyclable packaging are important issues to us. If you have any comments or concerns about either topic, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

How does the food arrive? Should I leave a cooler out? 

Your food will be delivered in an insulated cooler bag with a reusable ice pack or two, depending on the weather. Is it not required that you have your own hard-sided cooler waiting, but some folks like to have one in case of squirrels. You do NOT need to be home to receive your delivery.

How long does your food last?

For optimal freshness and food safety, we recommend eating our food within 5 days of delivery. For salads, we encourage you to eat them within 3 days of delivery. Some of our entrees are freezable (and labeled as such), so those will last longer if frozen.

How do I get my product into your Marketplace or Local Flavor program?

Just ask! We are always in the market for local food (and related) products. Let us know about the product and what makes your story unique by going to our Contact Us page.

Do you do catering? 

Sure, let's talk! We're always open for new ways to serve the community. We are particularly perfect for groups of 5-40 people.

Can I rent your kitchen to create my commercial product? 

We love to cheerlead for other small businesses as much as we love chocolate chip cookies. That's saying a lot! Unfortunately, though, our kitchen is full! Let us know what you're working on and we will see if we can still be of service.