Corporate Sales and Bulk Ordering Partnerships

Are you looking for a unique way to show your employees or customers you care? Our meal delivery service will take dinner off their plate while ensuring you look like the hero.

The Real Good Life meal delivery service is currently available to anyone in Milwaukee county and the suburbs. Our menu changes every week and items are available in one-, two-, four-, and six-serving portions. There is no subscription requirement so customers really get to use us just as you want. Our ready-to-heat meals delivery convenience eliminating prep, grocery shopping, and cleanup as everything is served in sturdy packaging that can be recycled.

Want to test the waters before investing? Let us bring in an employee appreciation sampling lunch!

Why Work With The Real Good Life

Our vision is to have a tasty meal and full hearts at every table within reach. How does that help your employees or clients?

Support Each Other

We know you value each employee as the human they are inside and outside of work. Use our service to relieve one item on their task list with a bag sent straight to work or home and show them that you care.

Commit To Real Good Food

With an ever-changing menu available each Sunday and Wednesday, let your employees decide what fuels their hard work.

Value Everyone's Time

We help foster work life balance. Provide your employees with a bag full of ready-to-heat meals to alleviate the dinner time crunch. Your team will thank you.

Upon contacting TRGL, I knew I had found a partner. We have utilized their services to show support for our firefighters and their families on countless occasions over the last two years. Once I relay the recipient’s information, I entrust TRGL to prepare and deliver the appropriate amount of meals directly to a family in need. In two years, they have performed flawlessly.
Joe F., Ignite The Spirit - MKE

How This Works

There are several different ways we can work together.

Don't see an exact fit? Let's customize a program just for you.

Option One

Meals On Hand

Perfect for law offices, accountants, teachers, or anyone else who sometimes works through lunch. Also great for hotels, medi-spas, or clinics where customers may stay through mealtime. Here we can either let employees order their own meals or we can create a bulk order directly with you.

Good for:

  • Companies that want to provide on-site meals
  • Companies that want to use this as a employee benefit
  • Companies with a set budget for employee benefits

Option Two

Partial Reimbursement

You give your personnel a discount code to use with each order for either a $$ or percentage amount and we'll charge you the balance at the end of each month. Employees will go online to order and make their selections. They can choose whether to have it delivered to work or home (as long as it is in our delivery range).

Good for:

  • Companies looking to incentivize employees to come back to the office
  • Companies that want to use this as a employee benefit
  • Companies that have a little more flexibility in their budget

Option Three

Bulk Gift Cards

Here's your option for insurance brokers, real estate agents, kitchen remodel businesses, or anyone else looking for a "thank you for your investment with us" gift for their customer. You will work directly with our staff for a bulk buying program to ensure you never run out again!

Good for:

  • Companies looking for holiday gifts
  • Companies that give thank you gifts to customers
  • Companies that have a set budget for these kinds of benefits
Option Four


Oftentimes employees just want to be treated like the humans they are. Tell them about our meal delivery service and provide the fridge space to hold the bags on Wednesday afternoons. Remind them that lunch hours are meant for fresh air and a wholesome meal. That will show them you know they have more to think about than just work.

Good for:

  • Small businesses just hiring their first employees
  • Companies with minimal budget for benefits
  • Companies looking to incentivize a return to the office.
Option Five

Group Gift Card Buy-In

If your team are more friends than colleagues, you probably do group gifts when someone hits a life milestone. Together, we can help you pool money to create one large gift card to commemorate the experience.

Good for:

  • New babies, shoulder surgery, bereavement - you get the idea
  • A way to create workplace comradery

Ready To Get Started?

Sara B, our Communities Manager, can't wait to put together a program just for your team. Reach out below and together we'll take dinner off your plate!