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The Flavor

Each week we offer a nutritious menu of creative entrees and healthy side dishes focusing on family favorites and seasonal ingredients. Also, we promise to always have a gooey dessert on the menu. Yep, we believe there is a place for flour, sugar, cheese, and meat in a well-rounded diet. It’s all about balance, no?

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Their Senses


Their Hearts

Doing the right thing comes at a cost. Your time is invaluable, so let’s make the most of it. We offer gift baskets perfect for new parents, folks in recovery from an illness, or for someone who is transitioning to a new home.

Additionally, a percentage of all sales goes to the Hunger Task Force to ensure no one in Milwaukee goes to bed hungry tonight.

How Does This Work?

Your Why - Beautiful Family

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Your Soul


Your Time

You have many fires to put out on any given night, so let us take care of dinner. Play with your kids or hit the gym. We will take care of planning the menu, grocery shopping, and meal prep. You know, all the work that happens before the fun can begin.

Questions? Let’s chat before you place your first order. We are sure we can make something your head and your heart will love!