How To Order

Your time is valuable. You know this. We know this. Our convenient, ready-to-heat entrees know this. Instead of having to be creative when you've had a busy day, take one of our entrees out of the fridge, do some minimal assembly, and enjoy your evening. Let us support you!

Here's how to order from The Real Good Life, Milwaukee’s meal delivery service.

1. Place your order by noon three days before delivery.

Before noon on Thursday for a Sunday menu and Sunday for a Wednesday menu, check out the lineup.

Once you’ve picked your day, click on your selections, pick the number of servings, and follow the prompts to finalize your order. Easy peasy! You should get a text or email receipt immediately. If you don’t (and don’t see anything in your order history found once you click on the little person icon located in the menu in the upper right-hand corner of any page on the site) please let us know ASAP.

P.S. Want to order for Sunday AND Wednesday delivery? We got you, Boo, but you need to place two separate orders to keep the internet gremlins from multiplying.

2. You go about your business and we do the shopping, prepping, and cooking!

It really is that easy! We are committed to real good food. You commit to enjoying that time some other way.

3. Receive your order between 2 and 5 pm on Wednesday or Sunday afternoon.

We can send our meal delivery service to your work, home, daycare, or other location of your choosing within the Milwaukee delivery area. You’ll receive a text message when we are on our way (and an enthusiastic wave to your video doorbell!)

If you won’t be at the delivery location, no problem. We value your time and don't need you to be home. Your order will come in a cooler bag with ice packs. It should be okay for a little bit, but we have had squirrels sneak in bags so don't wait too long.

4. Mangia!

After a wee bit of prep work (turning on the oven or microwave, finding enough clean forks, etc.), dinner is ready! Bon appétit, friend!