Vacation Is A State of Mind

Vacation Is A State of Mind

Hey guys! I am t-minus days away from vacation and dude, am I ready to check out. This impending trip set me straight to our inspiration for May – Vacation is a state of mind.

Let’s be honest – this week with my toddlers 24/7 will be the furthest thing from relaxing, so I’m setting other vacation goals. Instead, I’m looking forward to getting away from work, laundry, and the daily routine to give me a fresh outlook on life. Sometimes all it takes is pressing pause on the daily grind to give you the strength to jump back in.

But what about when you can’t get away? Don’t worry, friend, my yoga nerd self thinks all that you need is a few minutes and the right mindset to add mini-vacations throughout your day. Here are a few examples.

  1. I hate to say it, but exercise really is where it’s at for physical and mental health. If it’s something that brings you more stress than relief, change up your routine. There is bound to be something that doesn’t seem like torture. (Don’t forget – going for a walk or playing tag with kiddos totally counts!)
  2. Take an extra minute in a hot shower enjoying the humidity and privacy in equal measure.
  3. Don’t save the fancy underwear for date night. Tuesdays can be fun, too. 😉
  4. Sit down to a hot breakfast instead of grabbing something as you run out the door.
  5. Skip the news, traffic warnings, and incessant Penny Mustard commercials and listen to a podcast or a playlist from your glory days on the way back and forth to work.
  6. Go for a walk at lunchtime. No time for that? Surely you can find 3 minutes to take a breather out the front door. Fresh air is the key here.
  7. Long, stupid meeting have you frustrated? Start planning out your list for all the shows you want to watch when you finally sit down for the night. Before you can say “Beyonce documentary”, the meeting will be over. (Or you’ll get called out for spacing out… Be sure to tune back in every now and then!)
  8. Reports to review? First get yourself a PM snack.
  9. As you sit in the carpool line or traffic or whatever non-moving, stupid waste of time you find yourself in, turn off all the noise, shut the windows, and breathe. Just breathe. Two deep breathes or 10 minutes of quiet time. Take whatever you can afford.
  10. I can’t knock mindless scrolling on social, so there’s that…
  11. …But sometimes that adds to our stress, so instead, how about the NY Times mini-crossword (Fun fact: I just did today’s crossword and it took me 1:16. That’s not to brag, that’s to tell you, yes, you do have time for this break.), a suduko puzzle, or simply open up Notes and jot down whatever your hand feels like writing?
  12. Personally, my favorite daily vacation (well, minus the chocolate product on the couch at the end of the day) is playing in the kitchen. If that’s your thing, jump in with both feet. Make something great tonight. If you’re one of those that feels good with freshly vacuumed floors or crisply ironed shirts, let us make dinner and you do you. (Can you also do me, cuz housecleaning does NOT bring me joy!?)
  13. Set a timer for 10 minutes. For these 10 minutes, I want you to knock out as many of those pesky to-dos as you can. Go through the mail, load the dishwasher, feed the dog, respond to that email, schedule the meeting, etc. When the bell rings, set it again, this time for 20 minutes. Do whatever you want with those 20 minutes, but I suggest reading a book, playing a game with kids, a quick yoga video, etc. Rinse, wash and repeat until your to-do list is done or time runs out. (You say this doesn’t seem like a vacation? I return you to my sentiment about a week in a condo with toddlers – even true vacation is work sometimes, but boy, you’ll feel grand when you see the result!)
  14. When the day is finally over, let it be over. Don’t do housework or homework or work work. Set a  time for yourself (for me is 9:30 pm) where you don’t commit to anything productive. After this time, do whatever makes you whole. Take a bath, read a book, eat the chocolate, watch four episodes of your guilty pleasure show… You get the idea.
  15. Go to sleep. No seriously. I don’t know about you, but there is no place in my daily life more comfortable, cozy, and downright spa-like than my bed. What a perfect place to pretend I’m on a beach.

These week-long breaks are amazing, but pretty tough to come by, so take what you can get. Escape when you can, and then jump in feet first and fully focused when it’s time.

Happy (mini) vacation!!