Try It: Use Sunday To Truly Rest

Try It: Use Sunday To Truly Rest

So as I may have mentioned one or 100 times, this last Sunday was my birthday. (Yah, birthday!!) To celebrate, I did absolutely nothing productive. I had a whole lot of fun, though!

I slept in late and took a nap. I made a couple different kinds of bread. I hung out with my girls. I almost stayed in PJs most of the day except for a quick run listening to my favorite new podcast. In short, it was glorious!

As I reflect on Sunday, I came to a realization. Sunday should always be a day of rest. Maybe God was on to something. 😉 The Bible tells us that on Sunday God rested and I think the same thing should be said for us.

I know it so easy to use Sunday as a day to get laundry done, to buy groceries and run all the errands. We have to do laundry, get lunches ready for the week, make sure homework is done, blah, blah, blah…

But what if we do that on Saturday and just truly relaxed on Sunday?

Seriously, try it next weekend. Make your to-do list on Friday night. (Because let’s be honest… you’re sitting on your couch in pjs by 9, right, Crazy Girl?) Between the kid’s soccer game and your Zumba class Saturday morning, run your errands. Do the house-based upkeep in the afternoon and by 5 pm on Saturday night turn it off. Keep “it” off until Monday morning. Hang out with your kids. Focus on your significant other. Take a nap. Go to church and truly focus on the message. Lose yourself in a good book or a long walk. Take the family on a field trip. Paint your toes. Relax!

If you take a day to recharge, imagine how refreshed you’ll be once the week gets started. Trust me, friend. You have plenty of time during the other six days to get your work done. One day off won’t kill ya. Enjoy!

Let me know if you try taking Sunday totally off this week. Let me know how it went!