Is This Still The Real Good Life?

Is This Still The Real Good Life?

From day one this business has celebrated “the real life, the good life, and the real good life.” We have never shied away from the fact that even the best life has its faults. It simply can’t be perfect all the time. (Nor can it be the worst 100% of the time. There is always something to salute.)

But in 2020, is anyone enjoying the real good life?

How do we adapt our mantra to our current situation?

It’s time for us to place our annual t-shirt order and I’ve been struggling with this all summer for the silliest of reasons. Last year when I introduced the updated model some of you asked if you could buy one. Alas, here we are in 2020 and it feels a little tone-deaf to send my employees (and/or fans) into a world saying they are living the real good life.

No matter your beliefs, life choices, or family makeup, 2020 has been a rough one. This is not breaking news. But we are all at (or past) our breaking points. Pick your issue and it’s an issue. A big, fat, messy, friendship-changing, financial-implication-making issue.

Next week I’m going to introduce my mantra for the rest of the year (spoiler alert: it’s not t-shirt appropriate), but even before that, I have one solution I know will help us to the other side.

Tolerance and empathy- we all need it.

We need to be here for each other. The Real Good Life community might be a little heavy on the “real” right now, but we can make it “gooder” (copyright, my six-year-old daughter) if we support each other. Ask your neighbor if you can watch all the kids for an hour (outside, with masks, at a distance, etc.) so he can clean his house. Accept the offer when he gives it back. Tell your colleague she’s doing a great job or connect that marketing pro that just lost his job with the company you know is looking to hire. Keep giving money and/or awareness to the causes that speak to your heart. Retreat from social media and go sit in the sun. Share the homeschooling tips you’re learning with all the other new-to-it parents and frivolous fluff books with your new #bookstragram friends. Cheer the heck out of your Peloton connections. And help us vote. Do we stick by our new t-shirt design or back to just the logo while the world rights itself? Shoot us a note or join the vote on Instagram.

As always, we are here for you on the food front. Let us take dinner off your plate. Add a couple of salads for that superhuman boost and a dessert because that may literally be the only bright spot in your day. If an order isn’t in the cards, check out our list of DIY recipes. I don’t know about y’all but my dinner-making meditation has become a necessary requirement to keep from going bonkers.

We’ve got this friends! No choice but do keep moving forward, so let’s get after it. Today (and everyday) I am grateful for you!!!