Our New Favorite Thing – ZYN Curcumin Infused Drinks

Our New Favorite Thing – ZYN Curcumin Infused Drinks

If you know me at all, you know I’m always on a half-hearted journey to quit my Diet Coke habit. I’ll try different things but usually find my way back.

Well folks, I may finally have found the answer to my prayers. Introducing ZYN Curcumin Infused Drinks!! What is curcumin you ask? In short, it’s the magic potion in turmeric.

You may have picked up that turmeric is all the rage with those exploring a more holistic approach to health (and/or who sold essential oils three years ago and got into the rose quartz face roller within the last year) but wondered why the big fuss. I’ll let those in the know at Zyn tell us why:

Turmeric has been consumed around the world as part of a daily diet for thousands of years.  It has also been used for over 3,000 years in Ayurvedic medicine, one of the world’s oldest holistic healing methods.


According to research, the bio-active source of Turmeric’s healing power is CURCUMIN.  However, the typical CURCUMIN content is 2% to 5% of the Turmeric root.  In addition, the body does not readily absorb CURCUMIN.  We have crafted ZYN with one of the highest CURCUMIN contents (200 mg) in the market.


Our refreshing drink also optimizes absorption by combining CURCUMIN with Piperine (black pepper fruit extract).  Research shows that Piperine may increase the bioavailability of CURCUMIN by 2000%.

For more information about the nutritional and medicinal benefits of this drink, check out the Drink Zyn site.

But even more important in my world is that these drinks taste great! While there is just the perfect little hint of pepper, they taste like a great juicy energy drink. So refreshing and fruity – my girls love them almost as much as I do.

Finally, we are so stoked to support this company as one of the families that own this business is a part of The Real Good Life community. Asim Khan and his brother Qasim are two local brothers and former Marquette grads who launched ZYN 3 years ago. Their aha moment came on a trip to Pakistan where their father had severe swelling & diabetic nerve pain. Their aunt made a paste out of turmeric and put it on his foot. Within an hour the pain and swelling was gone. The idea to create a product that harnessed the health benefits of turmeric came from there.

I can get on board with that!

If this sounds like something you’d like to try, please consider adding a 4-pack or 12-pack with your next order. The 4-pack gives you one of each flavor to try while the 12-pack will be all of your favorite. My girls love Mixed Berry where I’m all about the Ginger Lemon one. Yum!

One more baby step towards living a healthier life. Hooray!