Local Love for Neighbors and Fab Flavors

Local Love for Neighbors and Fab Flavors

Whew! Last week was A WEEK, wasn’t it?

Between power losses, Floridian heat and humidity, and lack of leftover Real Good Bars, last week was not our favorite. Here at the TRGL Kitchen, we were among those who lost power on Tuesday evening and it was only thanks to the generosity of our neighbors Vennture Brew Co. who opened up the doors of their cooler to us, that we were able to still fulfill our Wednesday deliveries. Over one hundred local families still got their meals thanks to the hospitality and giving spirt of a small biz neighbor. In that same spirit, we are looking to the future (now that the power is restored!) and are thrilled to feature a few different Local Flavors on upcoming menus, plus our School Supply Drive for MPS is now in full swing!

All the Love for Local Flavor

On the last Wednesday of each month, we feature an entrée from a locally-owned food business on our delivery menu. This month, we are super excited because we have two additional treats to highlight as well!

Happy Joy Candy Floss – Pink Cotton Candy with Pop Rocks (8/18)

Bringing the spirit of the county fair right to your door, Happy Joy Candy Floss is the hand-spun sweet treat your nostalgic dreams are made of. Check out their options to bring happiness and joy to every occasion, from parties to employee appreciation and more.

Miss Molly’s Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies (8/22)

We don’t want to sound dramatic, but these cookies are quite literally some of the best you will find in the entire greater Milwaukee Area. Maggie has made it her mission to find the best of the best and Miss Molly’s is at the very top of that list. The texture, the flavor, the pop of salt! Perfection.

Lumpia City Veg Head and Mac & Cheese Lumpias (8/25)

Lumpia (pronounced LOOM-pee-uh) is a Filipino appetizer that is comparable to an egg roll. The thin, crispy wrapper gives a delicious crunch to every bite! This locally celebrated food truck is known far and wide for their delicious lumpia and you can order it to be delivered right to your home if you are in their delivery zone! We absolutely adore Lumpia City!

On top of shining the spotlight on these amazing local flavors this month, we also wanted to make sure to remind you that our School Supply Drive is also in full swing! We’ve got all the details RIGHT HERE, but the big thing to know is that our delivery drivers are collecting donations of school supplies for MPS Classrooms via your empty delivery bags when we bring you your meals. Aren’t planning on receiving a delivery before the drive is done? No problem! You can shop directly from the Amazon Wish List we have curated and your order will be sent directly to the TRGL Kitchen to be added to our donation!