Five Food Faves in Downtown Waukesha

Five Food Faves in Downtown Waukesha

For us, part of enjoying the real good life includes discovering the gems not just in our neighborhoods, but the ones that surround us. As we drive around delivering food to our neighbors and friends, we often pass stops that catch our eye. We’re going to share some of our foodie faves from cities, neighborhoods, and blocks all around our delivery area in 2022 and we hope you see something that piques your interest enough to go check it out!

We’re kicking things off with one of our newest delivery zones, WAUKESHA! (Yup, if you live in the 53188 or 53189, we bring you food!) All these fabulous spots are within a single city block, so you can easily give them all a test drive in a single trip. I mean, you’ll leave pretty full…..but there are worse problems to have, right?

1. People’s Park

In the summer, the rooftop dining at People’s Park is GLORIOUS. Year round, enjoy the kitchy decor and a creative menu, including some famous crab cakes. We also highly recommend the Wasabi Green Beans and the Frankie’s Salad. Weekends here are for brunch and if the late night party scene is your thing, you could do a whole lot worse than this joint on a Saturday night when their starters are on special.

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2. Mountain Top Coffee

If you take the atmosphere into consideration when choosing your coffee shop, you’ve gotta hit this one up. The cozy vibes are STRONG at Mountain Top Coffee and the bomb sandwiches, creative drink specials, and outdoor patio are icing on the cake. You’ve gotta try the Sweet Potato Grilled Cheese (seriously to die for), the Peanut Butter Energy Bite that is less of a “bite” and more of a “softball,” the Turkey Brie Sandwich, and the scones. There are quite literally too many good things to make choosing easy.

3. The Steaming Cup

A Waukesha coffee shop staple known for their Lavender Latte, gorgeous bakery case, and a back room that’s perfect for chill hangouts. We love popping into The Steaming Cup for a lovely iced tea on the way to the Farmers’ Market just down the street or for a wonderful bowl of soup on a cold day. In the “before times,” there was often live music, so we look forward to that coming back when the world feels safer someday.

4. Spring City Wine House

You know how sometimes you’re curious if the $100 bottle of wine seriously tastes better than the 2 Buck Chuck? Here’s how you find out without blowing your budget. Spring City Wine House has those fancy machines that let you try a bunch of wine in little sample sizes so you can take a tasting tour of a particular region or variety or even allow yourself to experiment with new wines you’ve never had before. Want to test your sommelier skills? Have a pal bring you blind pours and see if you can identify them! Charcuterie boards, truffles, a gorgeous space, awesome staff…’s perfect.

5. Tofte’s Table

I am not exaggerating when I tell you this is the BEST meal you will have in Waukesha. Run, don’t walk, to make a reservation at Tofte’s Table as soon as possible for your next date night. The menu changes often, but some signature dishes that are an absolute must-try are the Fried Chicken (get one for each person; you won’t want to share), Short Ribs, and the French Fries. Everything is good here. EVERYTHING.

Alrighty, neighbors! Those are just five of the fabulous food finds over in Downtown Waukesha, but there are heaps and heaps more. We’d love to hear more about where your top spots are in this awesome town!