A Real Life Superhero’s Guide to Survival

A Real Life Superhero’s Guide to Survival

Hey friends! We are back from break and ready to take on the world, one delivered meal at a time. I hope you are in the middle of an enjoyable, relaxing, and inspiring summer full of reminders of what makes your life great.

Personally, I took some time over the last few weeks to focus attention on the superpowers of my fellow (wo)man. Every day there is a new story of someone climbing their mountain, reaching their goals, doing their thing. That’s such great inspiration for us back here in the day-to-day, so this week I bring you a few ideas to motivate you to face your challenge.

(First, let’s clarify – your challenge may be a marathon. It may be starting a business. It may be asking the girl on the date. Or it may be to drink eight glasses of water today. To go to bed before midnight tonight. To plow through the whole second season of The Crown in the next week. Whatever. We are here to champion all goals!)

An Inspiring Instagram Account

Oh my gosh, are we in love with @weartheswimsuit! What beauties out enjoying all life has to offer!! Personally, I haven’t gotten in front of the camera, but I recently went off the high dive for the first time in ages. The first jump made me panic. The second made me ecstatic! Moral of the story – put on the swimsuit, friend!!

The Book We All Need Right Now

I may be the last person on the You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero train, but in case not, all aboard! I’m only about halfway through this motivational kick in the pants, but it’s already changed my thinking on some things. As Sincero says in one of the first chapters, “you create your reality”, so stop saying no, peeps. Get this book. Put it on repeat. Change your life.

Photo via itsthenow.com

A Cadre of Amazing People

One of my favorite things about this business is featuring Real Life Superheroes here on the blog. Please enjoy each and every story and realize everyone has something to contribute.

As with everything in my life, it has fallen by the wayside for a bit, but I want to bring this series back.

If you have someone to nominate, please just shoot us a note with their name, email, and a quick two-sentence description of why you think they are a real life superhero.

I’d like to feature at least one per month, so the more the merrier!

A Meal for Champions

It goes without saying that superheroes need fuel and a good breakfast fuels a great day! Starting this week, we will now feature a breakfast entree on each weekly menu. Order up, strap on your cape, and slay your dragons, good people!