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Curried Rice and Cauliflower

This is a really unique dish! Honestly, I was kind of surprised how much my family gobbled it up. Originally, it called for chicken breast instead of cauliflower. Give that a shot if you’re looking for something with more protein.

One trick with this dish is that it requires a few ingredients you might not otherwise have around. Here are some other uses for those.

Coconut Water

  • Add to smoothies

  • Drink it straight for extra electrolytes


  • I love to add this to baked goods. Almost anytime cinnamon is called for, cardamom is a fun addition. Speaking of which, if you don’t want to buy cardamom, consider replacing it with cinnamon in this recipe.

Mango Chutney

  • This condiment is great on grilled sandwiches! I especially love it on grilled cheese.

  • Use this as a dipper for chicken strips or green bean fries. A good chutney will have just a hint of heat, but my kids love it!

  • Top any grilled meat or fish with a dollop of chutney for extra flavor

And with that, let’s get to the recipe!