Pantry Raid! 10 Recipes From What You’ve Already Got

Pantry Raid! 10 Recipes From What You’ve Already Got

Dinner doesn’t have to be difficult. Want me to prove it? How about these 10 meals you can get on the table lickety-split probably using what you’ve already got in your pantry, fridge, and freezer?

Don’t see things you already have? Well, stock up!

Caveat – these aren’t the healthiest recipes you’re going to see on this site, but they are infinitely better than another trip through the drive-thru or call into Grub Hub. Baby steps, people. Baby steps.

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Frozen Pizza and Salad

Hey, there wouldn’t be that many frozen pizza makers in business if they didn’t serve a purpose. Don’t beat yourself up if this is dinner every now and then. It’s a guaranteed hit, can be made without dirtying up many dishes, and if you pair it with a quick salad of lettuce, cherry tomatoes, and carrots, its truly not that unhealthy.

There’s no recipe for this meal, but I do want to recommend two favorites from Costco – their Kirkland brand pepperoni (so cheap!) and the cauliflower crust roasted veggie one.

Pretty Much Anything From Metcalfe's Market Prepared Meal Case 

Okay, I get it. This is the furthest I can get from a recipe and still be talking food, but you guys, sometimes that’s all the inspiration you need. Seriously, go check out the whole department full of case full of interesting salads, stuffed sandwiches and wraps, sushi, and ready-to-heat entrees at Metcalfe's Market in Wauwatosa. (Bonus! You can find single-serving portions of our best sellers right there.)

No Metcalfe's Market in your neck of the woods? I’m sure your grocery has the same concept, or grab a trusty rotisserie chicken and take a pass at the grocery’s salad bar. Those salad bars always have interesting pasta, bean and other creative salad options in addition to all the goodies needed for a green salad.