Milwaukee Women You Need to Know

Milwaukee Women You Need to Know

I attended several sessions of the Women’s Entrepreneur Week last week. I learned a lot, but even more importantly, I met a bunch of Milwaukee women you need to know. The list is extensive, but here are seven you should follow immediately.

Jackie Hermes of Accelity Marketing

I would be remiss if I didn’t start this list with Jackie Hermes or Jenny Weeden from Accelity Marketing. This company was one of the main sponsors of the event and Jenny was the chief coordinator. Jackie gets an extra plug because she’s the example to all of us who want to have the 2019 version of a professional presence on social media. This means two things – 1. We are stepping away from Facebook and towards LinkedIn (with a stopover in Instagram) and 2. We add personal anecdotes even on places like LinkedIn because we have (finally!) figured out no one wants to work with a robot.

Also, girlfriend is big on “experiences” and is traveling all over the land. Follow her Instagram for a virtual vacation.

Emerald Mills of Diverse Dining

I met Emerald Mills literally as I was walking out the door of an event but I think she is my favorite connection.  Her business, Diverse Dining, strives to cultivate courage, compassion, and connection through meaningful conversations centered around diverse foods and cultural exploration. Emerald guarantees that you will walk away from one of these experiences feeling more enlightened and connected to the world around you. I’ve been inspired by the events around the “Dinner with Your Muslim Neighbor” series and others that bring together folks that wouldn’t otherwise break bread. I’m so excited that Emerald has brought a similar concept to Milwaukee. I can’t wait to try it. Who wants to join me?

Rachael Bush of Mova Business Solutions

If you looked up efficiency in the dictionary you would find a picture of Rachael Bush. Rachael is goal-oriented, with her biggest goal of all being to help others. Need help making deadlines? Rachael is your gal! Can’t seem to stay within Budget? Let Rachael help! I wish I had met Rachael earlier in my career if for no other reason than the most upbeat of attitudes.

Jennifer Rundell of Rundell Redesign

When I first found out what Jennifer does, I bombarded her with questions. See, we have had our living room set up the same way since we moved. We need to change it around, but I can’t conceptualize it any other way. That’s where my new friend comes in! Jennifer Rundell is someone you can learn from each time you connect with her. This rockstar has run her own business for over 10 years! Her Instagram is full of bright inspiring colors from fabrics and furniture that help make your space the ideal place to live, work, or play.

Jamie Piette Andrezejewski of Nourish Natural Products

These natural products are so incredible*, it only stands to reason that the mastermind behind them would be incredible too. Jamie Piette Andrezejewski is just that, incredible. A natural connector, helping people feeling heard and valued, this gal will make you feel like superwoman, capable of anything.

*Yes, I just met Jamie, but it was the perfect timing to be introduced to Nourish Natural Products. I won a basket of self-care products for me and the girls at a silent auction last Friday and they are all better than the last. I think I may have finally found a natural deodorant that actually works and the girls are loving the “monster spray”!

Maria Panno of Infinite Warrior

I’m going to be honest about this one… Maria has intimidated me for at least the last year. Why? Because she exudes confidence and always, ALWAYS has beautiful hair. Now that I’ve gotten to know her a wee bit, I’m still intimidated, but also she is a down to earth real person like the rest of us.

Both the founder and owner of Infinite Warrior, Maria Panno shares her true passion for health and wellness with the community. Maria’s life motto is “Be authentic. Remember that time isn’t renewable. Dive deeper. Live your life with integrity, intention, and promise. Breathe. Trust. Live. Believe. Listen. Speak with sincerity and love. Own who you are. ” (See! How can you not be like whoa to that??) If that doesn’t inspire you, I don’t know what will.

Jessica Reinhardtsen of Greige Patisserie

Okay, so technically Greige didn’t have anything official to do with the Women’s Entrepreneur Week, but when I saw that I would finally be in the neighborhood, I just HAD to stop by. (#marketresearch) I am so, so glad I did.

Have you tried the desserts at Greige? These mouth-watering morsels are a must if you find yourself in the Walker’s Point area. Jessica Reinhardtsen has certainly made a name for herself in Milwaukee and the Milwaukee food scene. Stop by for a drink* and a pastry, and maybe a chat with this awesome local chef.

*Yes, drinks. Jessica has created what I think every big city needs – a place to end the night that’s not just cocktails and craziness, but a great wine list and the most gourmet of pastries. Check it out!

So that’s my list. Who do you think we need to know?