Fall Updates: Powering Up & Pushing Pause

Fall Updates: Powering Up & Pushing Pause

Even if you don’t have kids at home, I swear we’re all programmed to feel like we’re at the start of something new when September rolls around. Same goes for us here at The Real Good Life. Read on for a few fun updates that we think you’ll love. There’s some big stuff a’brewing over here and we’re excited to bring you in on it.

Introducing…. Power Bowls!

We’ve heard it through the grapevine that some of y’all would like a solid option for powering through a tough afternoon meeting or a reward after a sweaty workout. With that, please welcome the newest addition to our menu – Power Bowls!

Each week we’ll provide a packable healthy grain + bunches of veggies + flavorful sauce to pop in your work bag or to plate all nice once you get home. We’re even giving you the option to add on a serving of chicken if you want to boost up your protein. These nutritious powerhouses will make your whole body happy!

Salad Add-Ons

And if that’s not enough, then let’s dress up our salads, shall we? Each week we’ll offer one salad as a vegetarian option (for all our meat-free friends – you’ve now got at least three options each menu!) with a potential protein add-on so you can easily make it into a meal. The price of the add-on will be determined by the protein variety. For example this week we have the Balsamic Spinach Salad where you have the option of adding a hard-boiled egg for $1 per serving. Future weeks may include baked chicken or sautéed shrimp. (Let us know how you felt about the tofu last week. Should we put that on the protein option list??)

Zip Code Update – We’re Delivering to Lots More Folks!

Seems like a bunch of y’all took off on June 1st and have been nonstop activity since then. (Attaperson!) In case you missed it before you left, we are now delivering to Oak Creek and to new zip codes in Waukesha and Muskego, specifically – 53150, 53103, 53189, and 53188. Please tell your friends who live there that we’d love to take dinner off their plates…..plus, you get an $8 credit when they place their first order!

2021 TRGL Delivery Zones

But First, Time Off for Labor Day

A reminder that we are closed for delivery Sunday, September 5th to allow our weekend team a breather for the long weekend. Please order some freezer meals ahead of time to plan ahead. The Veggie Baked Ziti freezes beautifully!

Madison Update

For y’all playing along at home, we are still moving forward on our Madison expansion. We’re filing all the necessary paperwork and looking for a Location Manager for our new kitchen in that area. If you know of anyone who might be a good fit, please share the job description!

That is all the big news from us. Good luck to you as you start the new school year whether you’re a parent, teacher, student, or just someone who loves those that are diving in. Here’s to good things for everyone!