Cedarburg and Grafton – Welcome to the Party!

Cedarburg and Grafton – Welcome to the Party!

We are so excited to announce expanded delivery to Cedarburg and Grafton starting with delivery on September 30th.


While we say we deliver up to 15 miles from our kitchen in Wauwatosa, our software requires we go by zip code. This means those on the south side of town have enjoyed some extra limits for awhile. (Have y’all ever looked at a map for Franklin’s zip code of 53221? It goes on FOREVER!) To make it up to our northern friends, we are finally adding on 53012, 53024, and 53025 to our list.

If you have friends or family in that neck of the woods that desperately need dinner off their plate, then please send them our way! Don’t forget, if you use your referral code (found mid-screen on this link), then you both get credit for two servings of a treat of your choosing.

If you need a reminder as to how this works, please check out our FAQ page. Otherwise, we are always happy to answer any questions you might have directly.

We can’t wait to add some Bulldogs and Black Hawks to our mix. Just what this crazy menagerie needed.

Welcome, friends!!