Working at The Real Good Life

We are always on the lookout for good people for the team. Sometimes there are specific jobs we have in mind. Other times we make something up if we find a person we love. Even if you don’t see a job that strikes your fancy, please shoot us an email at [email protected] In it, please tell us what your definition of “the real good life” is and what you’d like to do with our team.

Open Positions - MILWAUKEE/TOSA

To apply for a specific job, please start with this application. Please contact [email protected] with any questions.

Rather fill it out old school? Click here to download the application and mail it to 7227 W. North Ave., Wauwatosa, WI 53213 or email it to [email protected]. Pictures of the document are fine if scanning is a problem.

Maggie Joos

Maggie - Owner & Daydreamer

After several years of figuring out what she wanted to be when she grows up, Maggie realized she kept circling around one topic – food. Maggie went to college at the University of South Carolina (Go Cocks!) to get a hospitality management degree to open a restaurant. Turns out the hours stink. She spent many years in the association world planning events for the benefit of daydreaming over luxurious dinner menus she didn’t have to pay for and a frequent flyer account few twenty-somethings can claim. Unfortunately, these job perks are no fun once a family waits at home. After a few years testing the waters as an entrepreneur in other industries, Maggie thinks she’s finally found her home. Her favorite dinner would be a homemade pepperoni pizza made in a cast-iron skillet, fresh bread with roasted garlic to spread, and a French silk pie. Yes, the whole pie.

To Maggie, the real good life is ugly and beautiful, hard and perfect. It’s stressful and it’s amazing. It’s not all great. It’s not all bad. It’s good. It’s real. It’s real good.

FUN FACT: Maggie moved into the house she lives in because it came with a backyard full of fruit trees. That never happens in the middle of the city!


Brooke C Kitchen Manager of The Real Good Life

Brooke - Kitchen Manager

Brooke’s passion for food preparation began while working at a resort in northern Wisconsin during her college years. She started working as a waitress and eventually spent more and more time behind the scenes learning how the food was prepared. Her favorite part of working in the restaurant kitchen was expediting during meal service or, making sure the ordered food is made correctly and presented beautifully and timely to the customer. She is curious by nature and there is always something to be learned in a kitchen. That is part of what she loves so much about cooking, baking, tasting and working with a group of people with all kinds of experience. Every day she learns something new.

Brooke’s dream meal this year will probably consist of lots of small bites or tapas. Ideally, an homage to many birthdays ago when she lived in Spain for a semester. Small cups of red wine or sangria and plates of olives, toast with different savory toppings, altramuces (salted lupins seeds), tortilla espanola, albondigas (meatballs) and finish with some dark chocolates.

To her, the real good life is simple. Food, family, adventure and a cozy spot to relax.
Brooke comes from a large family. She has 6 sisters and 3 brothers and is the 5th child of the bunch. Being around kids and babies is second nature to her which is probably why she loves them so much.

Sarah is the baking babe at The Real Good Life

Sarah - Baking Babe & Kitchen Master

After working at a local cafe in high school and helping her mother with her catering business, Sarah attended Johnson and Wales University and received a degree in Baking and Pastry Arts. That brought her to Small Town, Iowa where she baked for a local restaurant for a few years before getting married and having three children. She’s been a stay at home mom for 11 years and finding a job that fits in with that lifestyle was a challenge until she came across The Real Good Life where she cooks for families just like her own.

Sarah tells us that honestly, she would consider anything she doesn’t have to cook (or clean up) herself as the most perfect meal. Though she does prefer making her own birthday dessert because homemade dessert is just better.

Sarah’s definition of “the real good life” is doing what she loves without making compromises that she regrets. She loves being home raising her children, and she loves the flexibility she has to work here. It makes her feel good to know that others can focus on their family and not need to immediately feel the pressure to make a great meal when they get home.

FUN FACT: Sarah loved Clifford books so much as a kid; just the idea of having a dog the size of her house sounded pretty amazing. That translated into having a Great Dane as a pet. She got her first Great Dane in June of 2017 and she doesn’t think she’ll ever own any other breed of dog.

Sara B

Sara B. - Another Amazing Team Player

After working for over 12 years in sales, Sara knew she wanted more. She wanted to make a difference and work for a company with heart and soul.  But Sara also wanted to make sure she wasn’t sacrificing time with her family. She went back to her roots: people and food. Sara found her passion at Michigan State in Hospitality Business.  She dreamed of event planning, throwing big parties, and perfect weddings. But after a brief stint at a country club after college, she realized she never saw her friends, family, or had time to explore her new home town. After marrying her husband and sending him back to school to pursue his passion of teaching, Sara realized how important purpose is in a career.

Sara’s definition of the real good life is exactly what she found at TRGL: easy conversation filled with laughter, great food, and always, always family first. Her perfect meal would be lots of little tastes, but always including a dip (or two).  It would be outside in that perfect Milwaukee summer night.

Fun fact: Sara developed her interest in food at an early age from her parents, but not just by cooking. Her mom was a registered dietician and food safety specialist for over thirty years, and her dad was a microbiologist. Her dad worked on the team that first turned potatoes into biodegradable plastic, and later started a company that developed organic pesticides and herbicides.

Eric - Delivery Driver at The Real Good Life

Eric - Driver Dude

A lot of Eric’s favorite memories involve either family or food, and quite often both. Whether it’s simple like an ice cream run on summer nights or a thoughtful menu plan for a birthday or big sporting event, food has always been part of the celebration of things both big and small for him. There are numerous things he finds enjoyable (all kinds of sports, movies, television, etc.), but he believes that his favorite things, and anything in general, can always be enjoyed even more with an awesome meal.

Eric’s dream meal is chicken parm in any form, though he’s also a sucker for a good biscuits and gravy dish or Chinese food. He thinks it’s unfair that he has to pick a favorite between these. The Real Good Life to him is heading home with a surprise box of doughnuts to share or recommending a great restaurant to someone new.

Fun fact: Eric was a journalist/blogger covering the Milwaukee Bucks for the past 5 years. He was also an intern for the team a few years back. He doesn’t know Giannis personally, but he’s happy to talk about the team! Eric also is a massive fan of golf and has written about it as well.

Missy H

Missy - Driving Miss Shorewood

When not delivering food up and down the near northside, Missy can be found chasing after her two daughters. After teaching for ten years, Missy decided to turn in her grade book and become a stay at home mom. (Hence the reason she took this job. Two hours in the car by herself sounded like a daydream!!) When she gets some free time, Missy can be found watercolor painting, hand lettering, and drinking wine.

Missy’s perfect meal consists of grilled steak, potatoes, vegetables... And a brandy old fashioned—- a true Wisconsinite.

To Missy, The Real Good Life is sitting on the patio, reading a good book, while listening to her kids play in the background.

Ryan cooks at The Real Good Life

Ryan - Operations Manager

Ryan was raised in a household that encouraged an open table and a wide-open front door. The early days dinners consisted of a lot of cream of mushroom casseroles, but also for food that was best when shared with others. After hopping around local institutions like Heinemann’s and Mo’s Irish Pub, Ryan ended up earning a degree in Community Health Education and Nutrition. He is the proud father of a 3 and 1.5 year old. It is commonplace to find the Sous Chef (3-year-old) and Ryan preparing dinner each night. If they aren’t cooking upstairs, they’re likely prepping his crocheted (Thanks grandma!) fruits and veggies downstairs.

Ryan’s dream meal would take a tour around Milwaukee with Points East buffalo wings with blue cheese for starters, followed by a stop to the Glorioso’s deli counter for an Italian beef with ALL the hot giardiniera, and of course, dessert would be Rice Krispie Treat custard at Oscars.

To Ryan, the real good life is a great cup of coffee and a biscotti. Family bike rides to the park. A crossword puzzle. A freshly mowed lawn. A chance to sit down with family and close friends over a thoughtful, nourishing meal. Ryan has been given so much from the people of this city and he, in turn, would like to assist others in finding their real good life.

Fun Fact: Ryan once participated in a 14-hour GoRuck Challenge with a 40lb rucksack where his team traversed 22 miles.

Cathy Cooks at The Real Good Life

Cathy - Cooking Queen

An artist at heart, Cathy is also highly competent and creative in the kitchen. She learned her love for cooking from her mother, who also is an excellent cook. Cathy understands ingredients and has a special appreciation of good quality, fresh spices. She makes authentic food and doesn’t tolerate shortcuts or fake ingredients. Due to her own diet restrictions, Cathy has also become well versed in gluten-free cooking.

A fan of good music and real art, Cathy has a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts Degree from UW-Milwaukee and has her own pottery business. Her pottery can be found at the Pink Llama Gallery in Cedarburg. She has also been the bookkeeper for her husband Steve’s real estate appraisal company for over 20 years. Her greatest love is her family. Cathy and Steve have two wonderful children and a Rosie-dog.

Fun Fact: Cathy had a metallic green Volkswagen Beetle convertible in high school.

Karri Delivery Driver at The Real Good Life

Karri - Driver By Day And By Night

Karri knows her way around the kitchen and isn’t afraid to experiment (and sometimes fail). She loves creating healthy meals full of vibrant colors for her family, even if one of the teens doesn’t always approve. Of course, everyone needs a break from the kitchen now and again, and when she does, Karri loves frequenting local establishments with her husband or girlfriends, trying out all the good foods and libations Milwaukee has to offer.

When not delivering your meals, Karri can either be found still in the car, driving her kids around to their many (many) activities or vacuuming up her dog’s hair.

To Karri, The Real Good Life is a slow (gluten and dairy free) meal, shared with a nice big glass of a deep velvety red wine, porch summers, and lots of traveling.