What is #TheRealGoodLife?

What Is


Chocolate Cake

A quick tour of the internet will find you scrumptious pictures of cupcakes and delicious images of fresh-cut flowers. You’ll see happy couples in love and in perfectly matched Hunter boots (her) and bowties (his). You’ll come across adorable babies smiling at mama and stories of ladies leaning in and doing it all.

On the other hand, you’ll find sickening videos of people doing bad things, pictures of people down on their luck and violence of every form or fashion. It’s enough to make someone sick.

Then on your third hand, you find the SUPER HAPPY ALL. THE. TIME!!!! sites that feature uplifting videos of soldier dads returning home to kiddo’s homecoming game and wives who have relearned to walk thanks to husbands.




There are pictures of puppies laying with kittens, yoga gurus living on mountaintops with only their perfect handstand, hand-crafted kombucha, and their personalized mantra to sustain them. It’s enough to give the internet cavities!

So here we are at #TheRealGoodLife. We’re not too sugary. We’re not too sad. We’re a little happy and a lot of satisfied. Life is mostly (usually, sometimes, not often…) good and we’re here to celebrate the little things. We want to see the pictures of your beautiful birthday cake (with the pile of dishes in the background). The perfectly curated outfit for date night (and the wine stain that happened in the first five minutes.) The happy family all smiling for the camera (with the honest number of how many pictures and M&M bribes it took to get there.)

In short, we want to see the good life. The real life. The REAL good life.

Dirty Dishes


We’ve got our version but would love to see yours. If you’d like to submit an article about #therealgoodlife, shoot us a note. Otherwise, just use #therealgoodlife to tag your thoughts or images on Instagram.

Life is real. Life is good.