Weekly Meal Delivery Subscriptions

Set it and forget it!

If you order the same thing every week, let’s automate the process and save you time and money. (Subscription orders get 25% off the a la carte prices.)

Subscriptions are currently offered for two different packages:

1. The full weekly basket

2. Two meals per week

Both packages include the same food and delivery window as the a la carte orders.

The full weekly basket is pretty self-explanatory and super easy to purchase, but the two meals per week option might leave you with a few questions. Let’s see if this helps.

How to Order the Two Meals Per Week Subscription:

Simply, check out this week’s menu to see what you want, then go to the Two Meals Per Week subscription page. Select the serving size and the meal types, then click on “Sign Up Now”. The rest of the ordering process should look pretty familiar.

PRO-TIP: Pick your serving size, then pick your entrees in this order – salad, soup, vegetarian, poultry, beef/seafood/pork and freezer meal.

Your order will be processed at the same time as your order each week going forward. If you want to change a meal type in future weeks (ex. this week you pick the soup, but next week you want the vegetarian entree), simply go to your subscription page and select the “Change Your Selections” button before bed on Saturday night.

Need a Week Off?

No problem, simply head back to the subscription page and click “Suspend”. Come back to reactivate as soon as you’re ready.

But I Also Want Brownies This Week

Awesome. So do I. You can mix and match subscription products with our regular a la carte products. Only the subscription part of your order will repeat next week.

THe Fine Print

The $30 minimum still applies to each order, including subscriptions. (This is why you don’t see single serving portions.) The summer cooler bag requirement fee will only be applied to your first order (unless you already know the secret coupon code). Please be a pal and swap out bags with us each time we deliver.


We’re always here for you! Let us know how we can help.