Thank You

Yah! We are so glad to have you at the cool kids table! I’m eating a cookie to celebrate. (*** To celebrate your arrival or just cuz it’s a day ending in Y, you decide…***)

Maggie eating a cookie

Anyway, there is a lot for you to take a look at around the site.

To start, here’s the link to our favorite barely-have-to-cook life hack dinners.

If you want to see what I buy when I go to Costco, check out this post. For everything else, this is my go-to list.

Finally, be sure you save [email protected] to your contact list so we don’t get lost in the spam jungle. Be on the lookout for an email from us each Friday afternoon at 3 pm.

There you’ll get a link to three entrees and one treat recipe each week. You’ll also be able to print out grocery lists and see the nutritional count of all recipes.

Questions? You know where to find us.