Vacation Is A State of Mind

Vacation Is A State of Mind

Hey guys! I am t-minus days away from vacation and dude, am I ready to check out. This impending trip set me straight to our inspiration for May – Vacation is a state of mind. Let’s be honest – this week...

Annual Reminder that Me Time is Critical

Annual Reminder That Me Time Is Critical

I may be somewhat of a broken record on the topic, but I will always evangelize the importance of getting away from your everyday. Sometimes you date your spouse or kids. Other times, you have monthly meetings with your VIP friends....

Grateful for Summer

Grateful for Summer Fun

Nothing says “summer” like tan shoulders, fireflies, and vacations at the beach. A couple weekends ago, I had a great beach vacation with my college bestie and didn’t even leave the Midwest. Here are a few things I fell in love...