Digital Detox

How to Use a Digital Detox to Focus on Family

Before I begin today’s actual blog post I want to tell you about two new podcasts I think y’all would enjoy. The first one is called The Strategy Hour and the other one is The Sweet Life Entrepreneurs. Yes, these are both...

Happy 4th of July!

Celebrate Freedom, Family, and Friends

Just a short note since I have big plans to make memories with Randy and my girls as we flit from one Fourth of July event to the next today. A couple parades, a couple BBQs, and our annual dueling fireworks...

Grateful for Summer

Grateful for Summer Fun

Nothing says “summer” like tan shoulders, fireflies, and vacations at the beach. A couple weekends ago, I had a great beach vacation with my college bestie and didn’t even leave the Midwest. Here are a few things I fell in love...