Here are the amazing folks that make the magic happen in (and outside of) The Real Good Life Kitchen!

Maggie – Owner and Day Dreamer

Maggie Joos Owner of The Real Good Life

After several years of figuring out what she wanted to be when she grows up, Maggie realized she kept circling around one topic – food. Maggie went to college at the University of South Carolina (Go Cocks!) to get a hospitality management degree to open a restaurant. Turns out the hours stink. She spent many years in the association world planning events for the benefit of daydreaming over luxurious dinner menus she didn’t have to pay for and a frequent flyer account few twenty-somethings can claim. Unfortunately, these job perks are no fun once a family waits at home. After a few years testing the waters as an entrepreneur in other industries, Maggie thinks she’s finally found my home. Her favorite dinner would be a homemade pepperoni pizza made in a cast-iron skillet, fresh bread with roasted garlic to spread and a French silk pie. Yes, the whole pie. 😉

To Maggie, the real good life is ugly and beautiful, hard and perfect. It’s stressful and it’s amazing. It’s not all great. It’s not all bad. It’s good. It’s real. It’s real good.

FUN FACT: Maggie moved into the house she lives in because it came with a backyard full of fruit trees. That never happens in the middle of the city!

Brooke – Kitchen Manager

Brooke C Kitchen Manager of The Real Good LifeBrooke’s passion for food preparation began while working at a resort in northern Wisconsin during her college years.  She started working as a waitress and eventually spent more and more time behind the scenes learning how the food was prepared.  Her favorite part of working in the restaurant kitchen was expediting during meal service or, making sure the ordered food is made correctly and presented beautifully and timely to the customer.  She is curious by nature and there is always something to be learned in a kitchen.  That is part of what she loves so much about cooking, baking, tasting and working with a group of people with all kinds of experience.  Every day she learns something new.

Brooke’s dream meal this year will probably consist of lots of small bites or tapas.  Ideally, an homage to many birthdays ago when she lived in Spain for a semester.  Small cups of red wine or sangria and plates of olives, toast with different savory toppings, altramuces (salted lupins seeds), tortilla espanola, albondigas (meatballs) and finish with some dark chocolates.

To her, the real good life is simple.  Food, family, adventure and a cozy spot to relax.

Brooke comes from a large family.  She has 6 sisters and 3 brothers and is the 5th child of the bunch.  Being around kids and babies is second nature to her which is probably why she loves them so much.

Tiffany – Kitchen Genius and Creative Gal

Tiffany’s life in cooking and baking has been a constant evolution of experiences.  Braise culinary semester gave her a base combined with excessive amounts of personal time learning to cook and bake.  Tiffany created and led the Kids Can Cook program during her time employed with Ronald McDonald House Charities. She believes in community and cooking.  Cooking is creation and she never wants to stop creating. She tells us figuring out her favorite meal is such a hard question! Pasta Carbonara, a seasonal veggie perfectly cooked and salted caramel apple pie made with love is what she finally agreed to.

To Tiffany, the real good life is living every day grateful with a full heart.  For her, that comes with food that nourishes your body and soul.  She wakes up every day excited to think about what she is going to cook for dinner.  That’s the real good life.

FUN FACT: Tiffany did a three-month archaeological excavation in Orvieto, Italy.  It was the hardest thing she has ever done in her life and the thing she is the proudest of.  It also prepared her for the heat of standing by an oven all day!

Sarah – Baking Babe and Kitchen Master

Sarah is the baking babe at The Real Good LifeAfter working at a local cafe in high school and helping her mother with her catering business, Sarah attended Johnson and Wales University and received a degree in Baking and Pastry Arts. That brought her to Small Town, Iowa where she baked for a local restaurant for a few years before getting married and having three children. She’s been a stay at home mom for 11 years and finding a job that fits in with that lifestyle was a challenge until she came across The Real Good Life where she cooks for families just like her own.

Sarah tells us that honestly, she would consider anything she doesn’t have to cook (or clean up) herself as the most perfect meal. Though she does prefer making her own birthday dessert because homemade dessert is just better.

Sarah’s definition of “the real good life” is doing what she loves without making compromises that she regrets. She loves being home raising her children, and she loves the flexibility she has to work here. It makes her feel good to know that others can focus on their family and not need to immediately feel the pressure to make a great meal when they get home.

FUN FACT: Sarah loved Clifford books so much as a kid; just the idea of having a dog the size of her house sounded pretty amazing. That translated into having a Great Dane as a pet. She got her first Dane in June of 2017 and she doesn’t think she’ll ever own any other breed of dog.

 MEgan – Meal Maven from Mequon

Megan at The Real Good LifeMost of Megan’s days are spent arranging flowers at my floral studio, Posies & Pine, but 2 days a week you’ll find her filling her joy of cooking at The Real Good Life.  She also delivers to our friends in Mequon and Thiensville on Wednesdays. When not elbows deep in flowers or food, you’ll find Megan with her husband, Max, spending time with our two pups & enjoying all that the Midwest has to offer.

Megan’s favorite meal is spaghetti and meatballs with excessive amounts of bread. (Editor’s note: my kinda gal!)

FUN FACT: Megan is a quarter Korean, and can’t get enough of cooking & eating Korean food.


Matt – Delivery Driver and Resident Dude

Matt is a Delivery Driver for The Real Good LifeMatt graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater where he had a couple of delivery jobs.  One was a local pizza place in a small town and the other place was a local deli that made pizza, sandwiches, and soup.  He currently works at UPS along with The Real Good Life.  He works in operations early mornings at UPS and then makes the rounds to your doorsteps on Wednesday afternoons.

Matt’s perfect birthday dinner would include a seafood pasta combination.  He enjoys pairing his food with wine or beer.  (Editor’s note – so do we, Matt. So do we!) The flow of separate courses is his favorite part of a special occasion meal although it’s tough to save room for dessert.  He does have an extreme sweet tooth. (Again, us too, Matt!)

To Matt,  the real good life is simply enjoying each part of life.  We work hard to treat ourselves, so we should enjoy these things with our friends and family.

FUN FACT: Matt played ultimate frisbee in college.

Jenette – Delivery Diva

Jenette is a delivery driver for The Real Good LifeJenette is one of our newest friends who handles the immediate Tosa area and all stops south of 94. When not bringing her smile and your food to your door, Jenette works from home and takes care of a family full of food lovers. One daughter is a vegan, so Jenette has perfected cooking sans meat and dairy. We love her vegan-friendly recipes!





Kim – Online Operative

Kim handles all things online for The Real Good LifeKim’s foodie passion began when she moved back to Chicago to finish college at Columbia College. Living in Chicago, Kim was astounded with the options for brunch, lunch and dinner. After moving to Milwaukee to pursue a future in marketing, Kim only expanded on her foodie life with all the farm-to-table restaurants Milwaukee has to offer. Kim has dabbled in cooking through meal delivery services and attempting to remake her mother’s and grandmother’s recipes (though they never really are as good). Her list of bookmarked restaurants to try is ever growing, and her palette always expanding.

When not daydreaming about food or exploring the city with her beau, Kim can be found at her day job (and our after-hours job) working her social media magic for associations and businesses alike.

Kim’s ideal meal would be a decadent scallop pasta with truffle sauce, a side of garlic bread, and for dessert, chocolate layer cake with cookie-dough ice cream and all the hot fudge!

FUN FACT: Kim loves animals, especially koalas, otters, and penguins. When her fiancé proposed, he asked her to be his penguin!

Kate – Nutrition Ninja

Kate does all things nutrition for The Real Good LifeSome of Kate’s best memories involve food and a shared meal with the people she loves. Kate enjoys the traditions that surround food and the love that goes into creating delicious meals. She is currently in school for dietetics and learning each day how food shapes us, heals us, and often defines us.

Kate’s ideal meal is one that’s shared with fun people. She loves staying in and trying new recipes with friends, but she also loves going out and sharing a bunch of different dishes between each other.

FUN FACT: Kate is a sleep walker and talker and has many funny stories about things she’s said and places she’s woken up while sleeping!