Special Diets

A lot of folks have asked about customization. Part of what makes our service more cost-effective than a true personal chef is turning out a bunch of food to feed a bunch of folks. That said, you can try us if you have a particular request. Let’s just talk before your order.

In an effort to appeal to as many Milwaukee families as we can, we try to have at least a dish or two every week that takes into account certain dietary restrictions. When looking at the shop, you can find these tags in the center column.

Here is how we define our call-outs.


No meat, but can include eggs and/or cheese.


No meat, eggs, cheese, or any other animal product (including gelatin).


No animal milk products.


No nuts, nut butter, or nut oil in these particular products.


No gluten in any ingredients. (Of course, we pay particular attention to breads, flours, and pasta, but we also watch out for that trickster, soy sauce!)

* We share a kitchen with other chefs and do create some products with dairy, nuts, and/or gluten. We do our best to keep everything separate and sanitized, but in cases of severe allergies, please let us know before you place your first order.


Even if it comes to you fresh, this dish can be frozen in its packaging. We’d recommend eating within one to three months. Always thaw overnight in the fridge, then follow the instructions as listed.


While most of our meals are just “heat and serve”, anything marked with “KIT” will need some prep work on your part. All products list the instructions, so you’ll know what’s required of you before you make a commitment. (Reminder – the lunch option always comes to you just needing to be microwaved.)

We believe in the power of a good baked good or cheesy entree, so we might not be the right fit if you’re the paleo type. Let us know if that’s the case. We’ve got friends around town that can definitely be of service!