DIY Meal Plans

Feeling inspired to try making dinner yourself? Here are a few DIY weekly meal plan ideas that have worked for us. While some posts are round-ups of great recipes, the ones that are meal plans will include recipes for three entrees and an extra. (Let’s be real… three entrees and a dessert. Have you met me?)

We’re always here when you want to take dinner off your plate, but we’ve got faith in you!

Enchiladas for Dinner

This Week’s Menu – Dinner Two Ways

Actually, it's still three dinners, but you'll get two full meals out of one round of slow-cooking. Oh, and the most perfect dessert for those of us that care more about taste than fancy ingredients....

Colorful Kitchen

This Week’s Menu – In Living Color

It's cold, gray and wintery outside, but this week's menu is bringing ALL the color to your dinner table. Bright colors equal bold flavors with the benefit of nutritious ingredients. We all win!...

Cozy for a Crowd

Week One – Cozy for a Crowd

Welcome to week one of the rest of your life! I’m so excited to put out this first menu into the world. It’s all about the cozy comfort food that’s perfect at the end (or the beginning!) of a long winter-y day....