DIY Meal Plans

Feeling inspired to try making dinner yourself? Here are a few DIY weekly meal plan ideas that have worked for us. While some posts are round-ups of great recipes, the ones that are meal plans will include recipes for three entrees and an extra. (Let’s be real… three entrees and a dessert. Have you met me?)

We’re always here when you want to take dinner off your plate, but we’ve got faith in you!

Tried and True Meal Ideas for a New Year

It’s a brand new year, friends! As we ring in 2022, many folks may be setting some new intentions for the year to do more meal planning, to create more space for quality time with loved ones, to try a new...

Classic Dinner and Cuties Washing Dishes

This Week’s Menu – Classic Style

We have so many new friends around here that may have missed some of the deliciousness we put out in the first weeks. Here are a few fan favorites that will become regulars in your rotation, too!...