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The Real Good Life is now available to cater your small celebrations.

You’re hosting one of those “come to my house and buy stuff” parties or perhaps your daughter’s communion gathering. Maybe you’ve got the in-laws in town ALL. WEEKEND. LONG. or have 10 extra guests coming to the holiday dinner. You feel overwhelmed, but want to do it yourself. Please let me help.

From lunch for the office to a birthday party at home, together we will dish up delicious and nutritious homemade fare customized to your guests’ desires. Just like the weekly delivery service, I will do all of the prep work for the menu we create and drop off catering within the Milwaukee area between 24 and 2 hours before your event. You just need to heat up the dishes and put them on the buffet.

All allergies, special diets, and party themes can be accommodated. We serve up to 40 people.

Everything is customized, but here are some sample menus from recent events to get your juices flowing.

Little Man’s Packer Themed Birthday Party

Mama already had a brisket recipe to try but wanted help with the sides. The Real Good Life delivered two huge pans of creamy macaroni and cheese the night before the event.

Christmas Cocktails for 20

This super-preggo Supergal still wanted to host the holidays even though she was about to pop any minute. Together with fruit and veggie trays, our menu of cheesy crab bites, hot cheese puffs, Oreo truffles, and lemon cheesecake squares kept her off her feet while still providing a yummy spread for her guests.

Gourmet Sammies for the True Superheroes

What a thrill to honor these amazing guys and gals during a local elementary school’s annual appreciation lunch! Turkey with homemade cranberry jam and ham and cheese sandwiches let them know they were liked. Homemade brown butter chocolate chip cookies confirmed they are loved!

Birthday Girl Wanted Mexican But Can’t Eat Dairy

The guest of honor was craving something south of the border for her at-home party for 10, but can’t do dairy. No worries! We made dairy-free sweet potato and black bean enchiladas, chicken salsa verde enchiladas, Mexican rice, black beans, with homemade guacamole and smoky salsa. 

Tuesdays with Picky Eaters

A sweet friend was stressing out when it came to feeding her family. She loves to cook, but her daughter can’t stomach red meat. Her husband is a meat and potatoes kind of guy. Her son won’t touch fresh fruit with a 10-foot pole. We help out by making a large basket of freezer-friendly items like casseroles, cooked chicken breasts and meatballs, precooked rice, and smoothie packets to get her halfway to the finish line while still being able to put her own mark on things.

What can we make for you?

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