Frozen Lasagna Now Available!

The Cobbler Has No Dinner

  Frozen meals are a now a thing! I’m writing this post on Monday. Actually, I am at dictating this on my phone while I drive to get the groceries for this week’s dishes. Yep, just as I can waste masses...

Sold Out

September 21 Delivery Sold Out

Oh my gosh, you guys. It barely took 24 hours and we are sold out again! As a staff of one, time is my biggest constraint. I guess I might have to start investigating hiring some help. Jeez. I hoped this...

Dinner Table

Our First Menu Is Live!

Here we go, friends! The menu for The Real Good Life’s first delivery is open for orders. We will deliver between 2 and 5 pm on Wednesday, September 14th. For more details about how this works, please check out these pages....