The Real Good Life

Does This Sound Like You?

She is focused on her career and family. She makes time to exercise. Well, at least she thinks about exercising. She keeps up with the news. She takes care of her friends. But you know what she really wants? A chocolate brownie, a glass of something indulgent, and some time to veg at the end of the day.

She’s not striving for perfection (anymore). She has finally figured out that perfection is unobtainable and now she just wants to be happy. Unfortunately, what makes her happy may change by the day, so she still takes on more than she can chew.

This woman knows the best way to stay healthy is to cook her own dinner, but “ugh, does she have to?!?” Also, she knows she should bring something to her coworker with the new baby, but she just can’t find time to make a casserole.

Does she write a thank you note to those that donated to her 5k charity run or does she clean the house? Does she get up early to make lunches or spend the time flat ironing her hair? Maybe she’ll just read a good book into the night which leads to sleeping in instead. Oops.

 Hers’ is the REAL good life.

Braise Cooking School SemesterHi! I’m Maggie Joos and I’m living the real good life.

After several years of figuring out what I want to be when I grow up, I realized I keep circling around one topic – food. I went to college at the University of South Carolina (Go Cocks!) to get a hospitality management degree to open a restaurant. Turns out the hours stink. I spent many years in the association world planning events for the benefit of daydreaming over luxurious dinner menus I didn’t have to pay for and a frequent flyer account few twenty-somethings can claim. Unfortunately, these job perks are no fun once a family waits at home. After a few years testing the waters as an entrepreneur in other industries, I think I’ve finally found my home.

The REAL Truth

In between mama duties to my two little ladies, hanging with the best man on the planet, and trying to take enough Zumba classes to combat my sweets intake, I’m here to help you out. When I’m not cooking for my customers, I love to walk to local restaurants here in Shorewood, Wisconsin, buy more produce than I’ll ever use at our farmers markets, and make messes with my daughters in the kitchen or the backyard. I am a board member for Girls on the Run – Southeastern Wisconsin and an avid reader of the lightest fiction this side of the romance section. (Please don’t judge.)

I call vacuuming once a month a deep house cleaning. Boxed mac and cheese is our lunch at least once every other week. I still don’t get Oprah. Diet Coke is my drug of choice. The smell of coffee is one of my favorites but I’ve never drunk a cup. Yoga and/or a quiet beach is where I go to church. Writing is my therapy. Empire waist dresses are the answer to all my pear-shaped prayers.

At 25, my life goals included being the next Mrs. Fields. Now I’ve realized I don’t want to work that hard. Life is too short to miss out on time with family or the chance to help a friend. No matter how hard I try, I’ll never be perfect, so it’s time to let it go. I’ve never put down the pom poms I carried in high school and still am at the ready to cheer on anyone looking to pursue a dream. Do you have one?

How Can We Make Your Life Easier?

In the real good life both time and money are finite resources. You’re doing great, friend, but something has to give on the way to “superwoman-hood”. Our meals provide a cost-effective and convenient option to get dinner on the table or to help out a neighbor with minimal input on your part. Life is too short to be stressed all the time. Go enjoy your family, friends, kids, and (my favorite!) alone time. Be grateful. Let me help.

You have many fires to put out on any given day, so let me take care of dinner. Play with your kids or hit the gym. We’ll take care of planning the menu, grocery shopping,  and meal prep. You know – all the work that happens before the fun can begin. Turns out we work best in the kitchen (and under pressure), so we don’t mind!

While there are many fancy diets and plans out there, we specialize in wholesome, unfussy, and delicious food. We do my best to support organic, local, and seasonal ingredients, but promise to always have a gooey dessert on the menu, too. Yep, I still believe there is a place for flour, sugar, cheese and meat in a well-rounded diet as long as you’re getting your fruits and veggies in there, too.

Special diets and picky eaters can be accommodated. Let’s chat before you place your first order. I’m sure we can make something your head and your heart will love!