The Real Good Life technically started in September of 2016 when owner Maggie Joos worked out of a church kitchen to create delicious and nutritious family-friendly food for friends and neighbors around town. But in reality, this business started a long time ago.

See, we don't know about you, but we have some great memories around food. When all else might have been a little sideways, we can still turn to those memories of Saturday mornings making French Toast with dad or Thanksgivings spent assisting mom. You may remember that first taste of chocolate chip cookie dough when baking with grandma or the pride on his face the first time the man who is now your husband made you dinner.

To us, food equals comfort, home, a place of safety. Which is all well and good, but who has the time to prepare all that nonsense? That's where we come in.

Please take us up on the offer to deliver food straight to your door or at least do the dirty work of thinking up something new and you just get to the table. Spend time with your family, your spouse, or a good book or passion project.

The meal delivery service is currently available to anyone within 15 miles of Wauwatosa, WI. The menu changes every week and every dish is available in one-, two-, four-, and six-serving portions. You can order as much or as little as you want as long as you hit a $40 minimum. No subscription is required, but we do offer them for those that want to set it and forget it. You'll enjoy meals that just need to be reheated in the microwave or oven served in sturdy packaging that can be recycled.

When you partner with The Real Good Life, you automatically become a part of our community. We love working with and for our friends! We're so glad to consider you in that group.

Employees of TRGL

Working At The Real Good Life

We have a team of employees based in Milwaukee, WI cranking out the goodness for you. Additionally, we are always looking for new folks to add to the group and new partners to work with. If you think you'd be a good fit, check out the job postings or please introduce yourself!

Kitchen Rental

Our goal is to champion as many small business owners as we can. If you are looking for a commercial kitchen space to introduce your food product out into the world, let us help.

Kitchen Rental
Media Engagements

Media and Speaking Engagements

We love any opportunity to be face-to-face (or camera-to-screen as the case may be) with our fellow foodies and daydreamers! Check out this page to see where we've been before and hit us up if you'd like Maggie or someone else to come speak to your group.

What is #TheRealGoodLife?

We’re not too sugary. We’re not too sad. We’re a little happy and a lot of satisfied. Life is mostly (usually, sometimes, not often…) good and we’re here to celebrate the little things. We want to see the pictures of your beautiful birthday cake (with the pile of dishes in the background). The perfectly curated outfit for date night (and the wine stain that happened in the first five minutes.) The happy family all smiling for the camera (with the honest number of how many pictures and M&M bribes it took to get there.)

In short, we want to see the good life. The real life. The REAL good life.

We’ve got our version but would love to see yours. If you’d like to submit an article about #therealgoodlife, shoot us a note. Otherwise, just use #therealgoodlife to tag your thoughts or images on Instagram.

Life is real. Life is good.