Lots of Nut-Free Lunch Ideas for Back-to-School

Nut-Free Lunch Ideas

It’s that time of year! Back to school and back to the office means back to making lunches on the regular. We’re here with some school lunch ideas to take the stress off you and keep your kiddos fed and happy. Seems like the only restriction from our school is nuts, but my girls also push back when I try to go the traditional sandwich route. Here are a few ideas I’ve tried to dress up their (and my) lunchtime routine.

Homemade Lunchables

You say “charcuterie”, they say “mini-pizzas!!” Whatever floats your boat and gets you to actually eat your meal, kid. Keep a bag of turkey pepperoni in the fridge, quarter two pieces of provolone and lunch is ready to roll.

Why should kids get to have all the fun here? Stock your fridge with fun cheeses, fancy crackers, grapes, spreads, cured meats, and nuts and you’ve got a grown-up lunch you’ll love.

Roll On Up

My favorite (and easiest) appetizer in the world is also a great lunchbox main entrée. Simply combine 8 oz of softened cream cheese and one 4oz container of green chilies (drained). Spread a large spoonful over each of eight taco-sized tortillas and roll up pretty tight. Wrap each tortilla in plastic wrap and keep in the fridge until it’s time to make lunch. At that time, cut them into bite-sized pieces and pack with a container of guacamole. (Pro-tip – reuse our dressing cups in situations like this.)

It’s Not A Salad Since It’s On Pita

If you have a high schooler who refuses to eat a salad, try this simple tip – put it on naan bread! Toast a piece (found in the big sized bags at Costco) and add all the salad toppings. I particularly love doing this with our Chicken Caesar Salad. These pita-like breads aren’t the biggest, so you might need toothpicks to keep them from becoming open-faced sammies.

Cold Pasta > Cold Pizza

Some of our pasta dishes like the Veggie Lo Mein and Peas & Pasta in Pesto are just as good cold as they are warmed up. Add a serving to your lunch bag, popping in some diced chicken if you need that pop of protein, (and maybe a Monster Cookie while you’re at it) and lunch will never have tasted so good!

More Awesome Lunch Ideas from TRGL

We may say “let us take dinner off your plate” a lot around here, but the beauty of our meals is that lunch is fair game too. Here’s just a few awesome ideas to turn your TRGL meals into legendary lunches.

  • Power Bowls – They’re portable, super balanced meals that are easy to grab-and-go for lunch. Order for Sunday delivery and enjoy all week long.
  • Single-sized portions of any soup, salad, or entrée – If you have access to a fridge and a microwave, the world is your oyster. Add a couple single-serving sizes of your fave meals into your next order and set them aside for work lunches later in the week.
  • Turn salads into wraps – We’ve got several versatile salads that make great lunch wraps. Mix up the goodies with the dressing and toppings, then transfer into a wrap, slice, and return to the delivery box to bring it for lunch.

What other awesome ideas do you have for keeping lunch from growing stale?