Four Ways To Waste Time On Your Phone Without Social Media

Raise your hand if your Facebook and Instagram feeds have gotten to be a bit much. ***Raises both hands and one foot.***

I’m SO guilty of inserting counterpoints when no one is really asking for them. I mean, I shall defend the rights of all humans to the ends of the earth, but do I need to comment on EVERY post that crazy acquaintance posts? Nope.

In an effort to not lose all faith in humanity, I’m trying to keep my social media intake to a minimum lately. So far, so good. This has forced me to be a lot more present with my girls, friends, and husband. On the other hand, I’ve realized that wasting time on your smartphone is the new smoke break. What’s a girl to do when I need to step away from my personal chaos but don’t want to wade into the public chaos that is Facebook?!

Alas, here are four free and different ways to take a mental break using your phone.


I’m sure you’ve used Etsy to buy a Christmas present or the perfect vintage handbag, but go back and just play. Enter any word combination you can think of and see what people have created that matches the description. I played this game with Eggroll and we found a Blue Chicken pot holder, hot macaroni felt kitchen toys, and this sweet removable pink flowers wallpaper.

No need to actually purchase anything (though all the more power to you if you do!) The fun is in the hunt.


Speaking of daydreaming, you don’t need to look further than VRBO vacation rental site to imagine the most outlandish vacation or home design. Money is no object when it’s all fictional, so “travel” wherever your heart desires.

On a quick search, I found this gorgeous home in France, a house right on the beach in Malibu, California and the Chicago townhouse of my dreams.

Where are you going to go today?


We can’t drive to the library and pick out a new book during a 10-minute break, but we can use our phones to pick some! If you are a member of the Milwaukee library system, download the OverDrive app. Here, you can reserve audiobooks and e-books. The best part (at least for this exercise) – they carry a ton of new releases in these formats, but with limited copies so you’ll probably have to wait. Once you’re done searching, you have to go back to a meeting instead of put in the earbuds, so its all probably for the best.

I really like listening to autobiographies via audiobooks since they are typically read by the author, so you get extra inflection. Recent favorites include Anna Kendrick’s Scrappy Little Nobody, Felicia Day’s You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost), and Jen Lancaster’s The Tao of Martha.

The Notes App

Okay, this one isn’t rocket science friends, but I want you to open the Notes app. Any notes app will do!

That’s all the direction I’m going to give you. Perhaps you need to write a to-do list or a poem or the first chapter of your first book. Perhaps you want to doodle or just hold down the “D” button to see how long you can.

Sometimes the best mental vacation is one where you arrive with no agenda. Happy travels!

Of course, I think looking up at the sky and taking a few deep breaths should always be option one, but sometimes you just want to waste time. Let me know your favorite ways.