Six Fav Foodie Finds in the 53217

north shore

For us, part of enjoying the real good life includes discovering the gems not just in our neighborhoods, but the ones that surround us. As we drive around delivering food to our neighbors and friends, we often pass stops that catch our eye. We’re going to share some of our foodie faves from cities, neighborhoods, and blocks all around our delivery area in 2022 and we hope you see something that piques your interest enough to go check it out!

Now that we’ve told you all about where to eat in Waukesha, let’s come a little closer to my home – the 53217 zip code. This zip includes Fox Point, Bayside, Glendale and Whitefish Bay.

I’ll be honest, when I grew up (on the northwest side of town), I had some stereotypes in my head about the women that lived over here. Something about Northshore and Nancy ring a bell? Well, lo and behold, our community is filled with the warmest, most driven, and fun ladies (and men)! My family moved here last summer and I feel like I’ve been waiting my whole life to feel this welcomed and at home.

And you know what I do at home? I eat!! Here are some of the favs in 53217.

1. The Bay

If it’s Friday, I can almost guarantee someone in the Joos family is rolling up to the secret backdoor to pick-up fish fry from The Bay. We’ve tried a lot and this one has won my husband over as the best in town. I also dig the amazing burgers (meat ground special for them from Sendik’s) and the onion dip is so good I always order an extra pot to go with my fries. Noms. In the summer try to snag a patio table for great people watching while noshing on yummy food.

2. Friendship Cafe

Friendship Cafe is more than just a place to relax with a cup of coffee; they also employ and train adults with special needs. Because it’s truly an inclusive space, they have a sensory room and art studio. But even if you can’t stay to relax or paint, it’s worth a stop. The coffee is fresh and the cake pops are the best in town!

3. Kawa

You don’t have to go all the way downtown to get great sushi! Instead head down Silver Spring to Kawa, a Whitefish Bay haunt. The seafood is fresh and the environment is casual enough to bring the whole family. Speaking of whole family – their teriyaki dishes are also delish so even the picky eaters will find something to please them. P.S. If you’re still living that take-out life (#eatinginpjsislife), Kawa does a great job of packing up your food so cold stays cold and hot stays hot. My dad would be so happy. (Sidenote: was anyone else’s dad obsessed with the temperature of their takeout growing up?? Padre would be happy to know I’ve taken up his mantle.)

4. Moxie

Moxie is a women owned restaurant specializing in upscale American fare. It’s cool vibe and tasty dishes make it seem like a hip downtown restaurant that sits in the heart of Whitefish Bay. Start with the Scallops Carbonara (or Mushroom Bruschetta if you’re vegetarian) and you won’t be disappointed! They also own Trouble and Sons Pizzeria down the street for a more casual night out.

5. Sendik’s To Go

You know how I mentioned that “Northshore Nancy” stereotype above? Well, I do believe it must have been born in places like Sendik’s To Go on the corner of Port Washington Road and Brown Deer Road. But you know what? I AM HERE FOR IT! This little shop gives you all the convenience you want in a convenience store, but with less hot dogs and slushies and more full-spread-of-produce and a wicked meat counter. Also, I of course assume you’re getting all your quick-fix dinners from us, but if you find yourself without TRGL for the night, you could do a lot worse than anything from their salad or hot bar. If this is the definition of “bougie”, I don’t want to be…. well, whatever is the opposite of bougie.

6. Dr. Dawg

Looking for a great hot dog or some of the best fries in town? Look no further than Dr. Dawg. They specialize in sausages, Italian beef, and fries of course, but surprisingly, their veggie burger is one of the best! They also offer vegan sausages, so everyone is welcome to enjoy their amazing comfort food.

Alrighty, neighbors! Those are just six of the fabulous food finds over in 53217, but there are bunches of of other local businesses to love in this neck of the woods. Tell us where you love to spend your time and money so we can support those places, too.