Birthday Musings

Well, here we go! After a two year delay, I am ready for the biggest, baddest birthday weekend I’ve ever had!! 42, here we come! There will be donuts and dancing and all my friends and fancy makeup and heels and a big stack of new books and a long-ass nap.

And cake. Lots and lots of cake.

Or…. I’ll go to Chicago with my little family of four. We’ll probably go to the zoo or the museum because that’s what will keep the kids engaged. I won’t get a nap, but I’ll definitely stop for my traditional large Diet Coke from the McDonalds in the basement of the Science and Industry Museum. (Fun fact: you know how MickeyD’s are good at fries OR burgers and some have better carbonation than others? Well, this one has the best fries and perfectly carbonated Lake Michigan water. Follow me for more travel tips.)

That night, instead of getting dressed up, we’ll probably go for Chinese food, then return for swimming in the hotel pool. I’ll be in pajamas by 9 pm like the boss I am.

But, there will be cake. Lots and lots of cake. And plenty of time to read that big stack of books.

Alas, my dream of having a Love Monkey concert just for me, where I flail about with all of my friends, may have to wait another year. Or maybe just stay a dream. As much as I’d love for that to happen, we’ve already discussed that my word of the year is EXPERIENCE. From the experiences I’ve had so far in 2022, I’ve realized my family unit is what charges my engine these days. Cuddling up in the quiet with my girls (and cake, lots and lots of cake) is where my heart lives these days.

Now, that isn’t to say that I’d turn down a surprise party complete with the Love Monkeys and a dance party. If anyone wants to make it happen, I’ll give you a lifetime supply of TRGL bars. But for now, know I’m totally okay with my quiet little existence. This is the real good life.

After living through the pandemic, has your outlook on people-y events changed? Are you as outgoing as you were in the before times? Do you prefer to be alone more? I’d love to hear if other people have noticed a difference, too.