2022 Word of the Year – Experience

word of the year

It’s time to do the annual thing where we make Grand Statements about what lies ahead; our goals and plans and all the things that sound really exciting one week into the new year. Sure, there’s a good chance we’ll be back to our old ways by February, but you know me, I’m always here for this.

Usually now is when I tell you that we’re going to grow TRGL into three new locations or I’m going to start a podcast or run a 10k or take up knitting. Not this year.

To prep for 2022, I have worked with Kiley Peters of RayneIX. Through her guidance both one-on-one and as a facilitator to our TRGL strategic planning work, Kiley has helped me see what’s really important. At this moment in time – this moment of ongoing pandemic and crazy news, but also the moment of raising two lovely little women and working with an amazing crew – the most important thing I could focus on is just being present for the ride.

My word of the year for 2022 is EXPERIENCE.

I’ve been thinking about writing a book for years (and still may, someday), but this year I don’t want to document, stage pictures, and make dinner at 10am for the best light. Instead, I want to get messy in the kitchen and try recipes other people have already perfected. I want to cook alongside my girls and sit down to dinner when everything is hot and the conversation is lively.

I’ve been thinking about growing The Real Good Life into other communities since the start, but these efforts have floundered. This year I focus on my role with the company. I’ve been pretty much fully out of the kitchen and delivery routes for more than a year, but I haven’t found my purpose until just recently. I will continue to tell our story, but I will also live that story and more importantly, make sure our team is living a full life in and out of our kitchen. We will more fully dive into the communities we already serve and grow by blocks instead of miles.

I’ve been thinking about travel for.ev.er. As this pandemic has dragged on and on, I miss seeing new sights and sleeping in new places. While it looks like January is still going to happen mostly at home, 2022 is the year I get back on the road. I already have trips planned with two friend groups and am talking about ideas for family travel that’s not just “new walls to look at”.

I’ve been thinking about my 40th birthday party that never was. The dinner at Ca’ Lucchenzo that never took place. I’ve since been to the restaurant (which is delicious, you should go! Sit on the patio when it’s no longer 12 degrees!), but two years later, I’m having the party come hell or high water (which in these times, we could probably count on). I’m going to Chicago. I’m going to run 4.2 miles on my 42nd birthday. I’m going to buy a new dress and have a fancy dinner. Fingers crossed we even find someplace to go dancing.

I hope you’ll join me. I mean, I really would love to have my friends (which you are!) at my birthday party, run alongside me, be at the dinner or anything in between, but I hope you’ll join me for all of it. Enough with the prepping and the wondering and the being on our phones. Let’s look up, join the world again, and go have some experiences. They won’t all be rosy, but they will make for great memories.

Happy new year everyone!