Freezer Meals to Get You Through the Holiday Kitchen Break (Dec 26 – Jan 2)

freezer meals

Hey guys! We are taking our annual break to rest our carrot-chopping wrists and delivery-driving cars.

There will be no delivery December 26th, December 29th, or January 2nd.

To prepare for the break, please consider stocking up on some great freezer-safe meals we have on the menus leading up to that time. Have you been asked to bring something to the holiday meal this year? Double up on your order and get an extra 4-serving box of Cheesy Broccoli, Chicken & Rice Casserole or Cheese Ham & Potato Casserole to bring along to the family gathering. You’ll be the hero whose dish gets licked clean and you’ll have a backup on hand in your freezer for that week after the holidays and before the new year when things like “cooking” seem like a whole lot of work.

holiday freezer meals

We will be back for delivery on Wednesday, January 5th with some exciting new things on the menu. Stay tuned and happy holidays!!