Four Reasons I Love My Houseplants

It’s fall, y’all! So with that, I’m leaning hard into my Basic B tendancies. First up – my houseplants! Yes, everyone and their brother got into plants last year, but I’m keeping that trend alive. Why? Read on.

They are easier to buy than clothes. Healthier than cake.

I’m guilty of making impulse buys that are dumb. Super dumb. A cute shirt that matches literally nothing else in my closet, a pint of ice cream after a dinner of pizza, 14 more books when I already have a stack….You get the idea. But houseplants are always a safe bet. Now that I’m an official Plant Mom, I know the areas of my house that could use some green. As long as I (roughly) stay within the parameters of those places, I can pick up anything!

Also, plants are for sale anywhere. Bayside Garden Center is my favorite place. No, let me rephrase that… The clearance rack (yes, a clearance rack) at Bayside is my new favorite place. The last time I was in, I got a String of Bananas plant for $1! They have a whole room just for houseplants! I also love Ursa in Bay View. Everyone is telling me that Maranta Plant Shop and Plants on the Street are great, so I’ll check them out soon, too.

All that to say, grocery stores also give us plants. So does Home Depot. Heck, even Target has a houseplant section these days! Move over Check Out Lane Candy Bar, this new plant is my splurge for the day.

Gives me something to take care of…when I want.

Everyone needs something from me. The girls need help getting ready for school. Randy needs my opinion on house projects. The dog needs dinner and a walk. My waistline needs daily exercise and my head needs bi-hourly chocolate.

My houseplants need me too, but only when I’ve got the time. The types of plants I’ve picked are very hard to kill, so as long as I give them water every so often, they’ll be fine. (Also, if they’re not fine, oh well…. Dump the leftovers into the compost bin and let’s start again. No biggie!)

It feels good to have a sense of accomplishment, sure. But even better when I can check it off a list on my own time.

Makes it feel warmer as the weather gets colder

There is something about a table full of greenery that says “tropics”, isn’t there? I am totally here for this! As we start transitioning into winter, having all these plants around me will let me daydream about trips to warmer climes. I even got a lemon tree this year so I can pretend I’m in California!

Something steady when everything is caddywompus.

Essays upon essays have been written about the steadiness of a houseplant in an unsteady world. They aren’t wrong, guys. Even if you take away all the extra crazy, we’ve still got random days off of school, new activities that require time we hadn’t allotted, and recipes that just don’t work. It doesn’t take much for things to go sideways in life, but as long as I keep a plant in the right amount of sun and water, it’s probably going to be fine. Whew. One thing that’s going to be okay. That’s a start.