The Seasons of Parenting are Constantly Changing

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As quickly as these summer days seem to be flying by, no one prepared me for how fast seasons would change once I was a parent. I mean, sure there are the actual seasons I need to find coats and sunblock and umbrellas for, but I also mean the season of utter exhaustion with a new baby; the season of toddler giggles; the season of lasts as the child’s senior year of high school wraps up.

It’s all happening so FAST.

I’m currently living in a season where my heart breaks every single morning as I watch my daughters walk into school. Both (even the five-year-old) are already too cool for mom to walk them in, so I stand behind watching their backs go further and further into the distance. I am so proud of them….

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No matter which season you find yourself in, we are here to come alongside you to take dinner off your plate so you can focus on slowing down and drinking in those moments that matter. We are so honored that you welcome us to your family’s table.