Every Litter Bit Helps

Happy almost Earth Day, friends!

In case you didn’t know, April 22nd is Earth Day (and my dad’s birthday). Back in grade school, it was a time for the whole school to come outside and plant a tree. These days, it’s a great day of reflection to think about what we are doing to take care of Mother Nature.

Here at The Real Good Life, we have made great strides to be really conscious about our food waste. Our menus have been reconfigured so we can order similar products for back-to-back sessions. We keep our vegetable scraps to make stock, brown our extra meat to keep in the freezer, and yes, even freeze extra cookie dough. Our new Customer of the Week (don’t think too hard about this program’s initials) program gives us a great outlet to donate our extra completed meals to worthy women and men in the area. Finally, we compost whatever we simply can’t use elsewhere.

On the other hand, there is our packaging. Our piles and piles of packaging. When I first started TRGL, I invested in what I thought was going to be awesome, compostable packaging that would do what we needed AND not be wasteful. Alas, I’ll never forget the sight of tomato soup sloshing all over the trunk of my car after the first delivery. It was not pretty. Even worse – compostable products are only compostable in an industrial facility (not your backyard bin) and our main one here in town doesn’t accept anything that isn’t food. So it’s just trash anyway!

We have yet to find a corn-based or other alternative product that works as well as plastic, but please, please, please let me know if you have heard of something we should try. With all the meal delivery that happened this last year, I have to assume the technology is growing in leaps and bounds.

In the meantime, please know our packaging is recyclable. It also works great to share extra treats with your neighbors, to store odds and ends in your craft closet, or to bring lunch to work now that you’re back in the office.

As always, we reuse our cooler bags as long as they are still clean and in good shape. Speaking of which – please be sure to keep your bags out of the elements and dark corners with spiders. We’ve been surprised by more than one creepy crawling recently! We can also reuse ice packs but we can NOT reuse the actual packaging.

What are you doing at home to be a little greener? Have you found reusable towels to replace paper towels? Did your spring wardrobe shopping on ThreadUp? Perhaps you just walked to the store vs. drove. Whatever it is, we thank you for caring about the environment. We can only do this together!