Why Virtual Meetings Are My New Love Language

Virtual Meetings are here to stay

Living through a pandemic has its cons. It has roughly 1,000,000 cons. But there were also some pros. Well, maybe not pros, but at least things that never would have come to mind otherwise. I never want to leave some of those ideas behind.

Sure, this applies to a slower schedule, more comfy pants, and my long-term relationship with my sourdough starter, Veronica Jars, but for right now let’s talk meetings. Specifically, virtual meetings.

Here is a grand statement from a former meeting planner:

I’m not sure I ever want to do an in-person meeting again.

I miss people as much as the next girl, but to me the small talk before or after a meeting makes me want to claw my eyes out. During and after the fact, it’s not that bad. Sometimes I can even make a new friend or am presented with an idea that gives me a business or personal lightbulb moment, but the anxiety I’m hit with when standing in the doorway to a networking session makes me want to run far, far away. (Hence the reason I’m hosting our How To Speak to Humans 101 session this Thursday. The only way to grow is to face your fears, no? Hope to see you there!)

Also, can we talk about how much less time is involved when you don’t have to drive anywhere? We no longer have to actively close out work, bundle up, find parking, or buy the unnecessary coffee drink. Instead, we can quick finish off one more email, pop into the bathroom for a touch of lipstick and turn on Zoom all within the matter of 90 seconds.

If the meeting doesn’t need our full attention 100% of the time, we can get other work done or even better – slide notes back and forth via the chat feature. While doing the Scale Up SPARC program last fall, I can honestly say 40% of what I got out of the program was from side conversations happening in the chat. It’s a great feature when used mindfully!

All this to say, if you’re looking to keep up the simple life as we are allowed back out into the world, may I strongly suggest you keep the virtual meeting concept in your back pocket? Efficiency is key in the name of simple and virtual meetings are a great way to do it. Be more intentional with those meetings you do make face-to-face. Save them for the meetings where you want no distractions.

It’s official… I’m calling it: the real good life is a simplified life.