New Extra – Poor Richard’s Beef Snack Sticks

Poor Richard's Meat Sticks

Ask and we shall deliver (literally)! Y’all want snacks so we’ll give you snacks. First up, is Poor Richard’s Beef Snack Sticks.

Available in four packs, you can enjoy one (or all) flavors of smoked beef sticks made with 100% grass fed beef sourced from a Janesville, Wisconsin family farm.

The snack sticks have no fillers, just beef from pasture raised European beef cattle, who are given no supplemental hormones or antibiotics. These gluten-free, gourmet quality snack sticks are handcrafted locally with all natural ingredients. A shelf stable product, the sticks are uncured with no added artificial preservatives, nitrites or msgs. Instead, they preserve our meat the traditional way by adding salts, vinegar culture and smoking them with real hardwood chips. Each 1.5 oz stick is individually vacuum sealed in BPA free packaging. 

Most importantly – they are delicious! When we sampled them here at the kitchen, the BBQ Hickory was the favorite and my kids were partial to the Teriyaki Maple at snack time. If they ever go back to school full-time, I’m totally cutting these up and calling it the protein in the girls’ lunchboxes!

You can now find all four flavors – original hickory, BBQ hickory, Tex-Mex Mesquite, and Teriyaki Maple available in four packs in the Extra section of our menu. Try one or all the flavors.

Poor Richard's Farm Meat Sticks

Poor Richard’s Farm is a small family farm located in Janesville where they raise heritage breeds of European beef cattle. Their cattle thrive on an all-grass diet and produce lean meat with great flavor. 

These farmers believe in sustainable agriculture and practice managed intensive rotational grazing. Using portable fencing they move our cattle to fresh pasture daily, letting the grazed pasture rest for at least a month. The growing pasture becomes a prairie habitat for pollinators, migratory birds, and all kinds of native wildlife. The temporary fencing encourages tight herding, a natural defense against predation. Fresh air and open spaces, makes for physically and emotionally healthier animals. These sound like practices we can all get behind.

With the addition of this extra, you now have five things to pick from each month to add towards your Order the Week Basket tally. If you do this option, you’ll save 20% on everything!

Enjoy these and let us know – what other things would you like to see on our menu?