Making Everyday Special – Valentine’s Day Edition

Valentine's Day for Family

Valentine’s Day is bound to be celebrated at home this year. I mean, sure, COVID, but also with the hassle of babysitters and the fact it’s on a Sunday, it’s just easier to be at home anyway. That doesn’t mean it can’t be fun! Let your kids play with their place mats, add a bouquet of flowers to your grocery pick-up order, (maybe) put on a fancy dress, and enjoy!

Here’s what I would propose for your menu:

Find the recipes for the three dishes below. Pro-tip: splurge for really good French bread, like that at Rocket Baby or North Shore Boulangerie.

As for what to drink? I like a sauvignon blanc or malbec with garlic-y things. Check-in with Ruby Tap to see if they have any bottles or 4 oz. growlers that will fit the bill.

Roasted Garlic
Nature's most perfect food? Smear it on fresh bread with butter, add it to mashed potatoes, or use it as a base for a dip.
Check out this recipe
Tomato and spinach gnocchi
Tomato & Spinach Gnocchi
Use homemade gnocchi if you're up to the challenge, but packaged works great for this dish, too!
Check out this recipe
Chocolate brownies
The Best Chocolate Brownies
Look no further for the recipe you'll turn to for every celebration, bad day, or moment in between. It's the perfect brownie recipe for any occasion.
Check out this recipe

Happy Valentine’s Day, friend! We are in love with all of you!!