Our 2021 Word of the Year – Community

Facts: I am a strategic planning nerd. I can daydream and goal set all day, but get me to actually do the work…. Well, that’s a different story. Know your strengths, people.

Anyway, to help put together our plan for 2021, I involved our new management team of Ryan, Brooke, and Sara. Over two virtual sessions, we worked together to see what worked in 2020 and what our plans were for the future.

Real talk – 2020 was bad for 95% of the reasons, but if you run a meal-delivery service (that is staffed by people who are all on the same page about COVID precautions), it was actually pretty great. As we’ve talked about before, I’m so proud to serve so many families and give as much as we could to charity in 2020. Why were we able to do that?

Our community. Y’all are seriously the best and we want to find even more ways to support you. That said, here is the executive summary from our 2021 plan.

With 2020 in the rearview mirror, we have the proof and the gumption that The Real Good Life can be as big as we want it to be as long as we are in it for the community. Obviously, our main goal is to get as many delicious, ready to eat meals on tables across southeastern Wisconsin as we can. Additionally, we will start laying the groundwork to spread the good cheer into a second location somewhere else. 

We have met so many interesting people in our customer base and it’s time for them to become the friends we believe them to be. We will host monthly events to feed their hearts and a Facebook group to nourish their soul. We’ll prove there’s at least one corner of the internet where good still reigns supreme! Finally, we will continue our work with the Hunger Task Force and other area nonprofits to ensure a tasty meal and a full heart at every table in America.

Most importantly, we will continue to be a top place to work. This year we will add more benefits and fun activities to enthuse employees while creating firm building blocks to ensure a diverse talent pool and standardized interview, on-boarding, and review programs.

We can’t do it without each other. This is the year of community.

If anyone would like to see the full document, I’d be happy to share it. Otherwise, please watch social media, including our new Facebook group to see all the fun ways we are involving the community this year. Oh, and always, we are here for feedback! Got ideas? We want to hear them.