Grateful for These Four Distractions

Books and Podcasts as Distractions

As I mentioned in my last post about addictions, I need all the distractions I can get. Anything that isn’t breaking news or filled with chocolate chips and butter is a step in the right direction.

That said, here are four things that are giving me life in this season.

Well + Good Newsletter

In the last post, I talked about true news newsletters, but I really like Well + Good for all things health. I truly mean ALL things from exercise to sex to astrology to food to make-up reviews and podiatrist recommendations for snow boots. I don’t think I’ve opened one yet where I haven’t clicked on at least one article. (P.S. Yes, if you follow my link to join this newsletter I will gain referral points, but I swear I’m sharing in the name of good info and not all in for the dad hat.)

Paper Books

Over the holiday break, I read a book on my husband’s Kindle. Even though that device wasn’t connected to my social media, it reinforced that I truly prefer the feel of paper books. They force me to truly disconnect with the online world. What do you prefer – electronic-, paper-, or audio-books? Recently I’ve been all over the board as to what I’ve read. My two recent favorites were Hidden Valley Road and Followers.

If you are a big reader, too, let’s be friends on Good Reads. (P.S. And get excited – we just might have an author coming in for our March “Me Time” event!)

Smartless Podcast

Will Arnett, Jason Batemen, and Sean Hayes (yes, that Will, Jason, and Sean) host this hilarious podcast. On each show, one of the guys invites a guest that the other two don’t know about. Come for the star power, stay for the hilarity that ensues. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve genuinely LOLed at this one. You’re going to love it! Pro-tip: start with the Stacey Abrams episode. I know, I know – it’s supposed to be light, but Ms. Abrams breaks down why the census is a big deal to voting in an easy to understand way I never heard before. (And she also talks about branding her romance novels, so there’s that.)

Avocado Chocolate Pudding

Look, I know I have clung hard to 1. vegan sausage is dumb and 2. cauliflower will never be rice, but just like I had to walk back “leggings aren’t pants”, I am here for the avocado chocolate pudding. Specifically, I am here for this avocado chocolate pudding. This sweet treat will never show up in place of a birthday cake, but when it’s a random Monday and I want something sweet, this perfectly fits the bill. Bonus points that it holds lots of healthy fats and vitamins.

So that’s what I’m grateful for these days. How about you?