No Delivery Dec 23rd or 30th

Hello, friends!

With everything going on in the world, 2020 has actually been decent to The Real Good Life. There have been plenty of lows, of course. (Here’s looking at you COVID and the pre-emptive window boarding up!) But there have also been a lot of wins. We have helped over 500 families take dinner off of their plates. We have donated over $5,000 to the Hunger Task Force and other charitable causes. We have donated food to nurses, teachers, guests at the Ronald McDonald House, and other people who need a little love.

Personally, I have so enjoyed this chance to get to know you, the customers, a little bit better through social media and our virtual get-togethers. I look forward to doing more of all that in 2021. But even more importantly, I LOVE working with the team we have. Seriously, love it. A handful of us were together last week (virtually, of course), planning out 2021 (we’ll never learn) and we all agreed that having this job to come to was the saving grace of the $hitshow that was 2020.

So… thank you. We literally couldn’t do it without you.

As we shuffle into these last few weeks of 2020, I need to give the team a break. I need a break. One may think that the last thing we need is more time on our hands, but I’m going for it anyway. We promise we will come back better than before, refreshed, recharged, and ready to serve!

We will be closed for delivery on December 23rd and 30th.

We will be back for delivery on January 6th AND have some exciting news about additions to our menu. (Have anything you want to see? Let us know.)

You’ve got one more week to stock up from our menu. We have plenty of items that store great in the freezer. Additionally, please watch our Facebook and Instagram as we feature local restaurants we think you should try. See… we’ve got your back.

Happy holidays to you and yours! We are so very grateful for you today and all the days!