Emotions Are Weird Right Now – Join Our 30 Minute Session on 12/3 To Get It All Out

Thanksgiving is always a little bit weird. I blame my dad. He would always give speeches about the people who weren’t around the table anymore. And then there was that one Thanksgiving at my best friend’s house where my parents were going to move the Monday after the holiday. My parents and I joined her family since their kitchen was packed up. It was weird that her family was happy and I was getting ready to lose my parents to Texas.

So yes, there’s always a little bit of melancholy in relation to this holiday for me. I think about all the traditions that we have and try to keep up. We usually eat monkey bread for breakfast. We watch the Macy’s day parade and then we start the turkey. We have this side dish and that dessert. We get this kind of dressed up and we put that on the table. It never seems like we reach the destination of the perfect Thanksgiving. But then again, I’m not sure if I’ve ever experienced the perfect Thanksgiving.

Obviously, this Thanksgiving will not be the perfect Thanksgiving. Or maybe it will. But for sure it will be different than other Thanksgivings. I’ll be honest and say I’m not totally heartbroken by this. Of course, I would like to gather with more friends and family besides the three that I see every. single. day. But the Macy’s parade won’t be on so I won’t cry thinking about how I miss my mom. I get to be the head chef for the whole event so I can pick what I want on the menu. I don’t have to share the mashed potato leftovers. Huzzah!

I think I’ll still have everybody to get dressed up and will still bring out the fancy china. It’s still a special day. It’s a day to give thanks for everything we have. And with all going on in 2020, I’ve been really lucky. I have my health. I have a beautiful family. I have this wonderful business and all of you in my life. For that, I couldn’t be more grateful.

To show you how grateful The Real Good Life team is for you, we extend an invitation to a virtual 30-minute meditation at 8 pm on Thursday, December 3rd.

I know, I know. There’s probably a lot about that sentence that scares you off, but hear me out. Our coach, Ann Givens, led a session I was a part of early on in COVID. In those 30 minutes, I took my first deep breath in about three weeks. As we’ve all been holding our breath for coming on eight months now, we need this session.

We scheduled it late so you can finish your work, put the kids to bed, and put on evening PJs. Find a quiet area in your home and join us for 30 minutes of me time. You deserve it.

However you celebrate this Thanksgiving, please enjoy. Please stay safe. Please be grateful. Cheers!