Something to Look Forward To Even In The Off Seasons

Something to look forward to

Over our years together, I believe I have made it abundantly clear I do not like cold weather. Winter greys, browns, and blehs just don’t look good on me. Every year about this time, I bid the outside adieu until March. Instead, I hunker down with all the blankets, books, baking projects and (dang, I can’t think of a B word for alliteration) tv shows and keep cozy and warm inside.

Normally this makes me grumpy. I like fresh air! I like sunshine! I like long walks and beaches and other things that sound good on dating profiles. I’m going to miss all that for the next 160 days. (Ugh… 160 days…)

But you know what? In 2020, the poster child year of slowing down and staying home, this self-imposed isolation sounds kinda wonderful. This year we have learned that a lot of business can get done from our home office and while not ideal, we don’t have to worry about driving under the influence to or from our Zoom happy hours.

So what is all this rambling about?

It is to say that we can choose to be grouchy about any season of our life – the cold season, the underemployed season, the toddler season, the angsty teen season, the single season, the all-the-worries-of-the-world-are-on-my-shoulders season… Or we can choose to find the positive angles to hang on to when we are feeling okay or even more so when we are feeling trapped.

Look at that big pile of books you can dig into! This is finally your time to take that (digital) class or freshen up your LinkedIn account. The two-year-old monster may not give you enough free time to make dinner, but don’t fret. You know a gal!

Sure, the teen breathes fire 9 of the 10 times you come into the room, but that 10th time? That 10th time you are sharing moments she’s going to remember when she’s 40 and her heart will swell.

No romantic prospects? No sweat. More time for eating cereal for dinner at 10 pm, leaving the laundry in a pile at the end of your couch, or starting the day with 20 minutes of stretches in bed.

And as for being a human in October of 2020? Well, $hit. It’s hard. But we are still here. The sun still rises every morning. Schitt’s Creek and You Had Me at Hola and chocolate chip cookies still exist.

Even in a season of hibernation, there is always something to be grateful for. And today, I am grateful for you!