Join Us for a Happy (Half) Hour on October 15th

Happy Half Hour

One of my favorite things about this job is getting to know our customers. Through your ordering habits, hiccups in the software, and driving to your front door, we get to learn all about you. We know who has the coolest house in Milwaukee (Saba), who would right the most interesting memoir (Kate and Pat), and who is the best caregiver for the entire family (Diane).

Actually, let me clarify that last statement. We think we know you. But, particularly now, we never get a chance to actually talk about life with you. This blog and your reactions are fun, but definitely not a two-way street. Also, I really want y’all to meet each other!! There are so many cool people on our roster that the rest of you cool people really should meet. Let’s fix that.

We would love to meet you on Zoom (yes, on Zoom. I’m sorry, but that’s where all the cool kids live these days.) on Thursday, October 15th at 4:30 pm. Pour a glass of your favorite beverage and join in for a chat about life, food, and how else we could serve you. If you sign up as part of your weekly order, we’ll even include a little snack in your bag to enjoy on the call. Everyone on the call will be in a raffle to win a $100 gift card for services.

To register, please add to your order or register only for the event by clicking this link.