Time Is Meaningless, But the Need for Dinner Is Forever

The start, the stop, the hiccups in the upcoming school year. The studdered hellos as the overtaxed internet tries to hang on to the Zoom call. The pressing deadline when the kids need attention and the great piece of writing that is puzzled together in the shower and yet forgotten by the time you towel off. The peaceful marches that finally bring your Aunt Helen’s beliefs to the right side of history only to be followed by well, everything else.

The timing of 2020 is all off.

One step forward and two steps back doesn’t even seem right. It’s like we are marching in place or rather sprinting, sprinting, sprinting only to arrive at our destination too early or too late and have to stand like a statue until the next train of Useful Activity speeds by. Or we take a quick look at Instagram or escape into a good book or silly tv show only to look up and realize everyone expects dinner right about now.

I’m still trying to figure out how I make a difference with anything else in this crazy year, but getting dinner on the table is one place I know I can help.

How to Feed Your Family

  1. Obviously, I want to point everyone to our meal delivery service. In the amount of time it takes to lose faith in another friend on Facebook, you could get dinner on the table with one of our heat and serve meals. And order the cookies, because man, we deserve cookies.
  2. I’ve started a new series on the Milwaukee Mom blog. Here, I will give you my favorite finds from all the bigillion food blogs around the internet. Kid-tested, Maggie-approved, these recipes are perfect for moms and dads trying to balance all the things.
  3. Knowing there will be plenty of nights when you just can’t, stock your kitchen with supplies from our 10 Recipes From What You’ve Already Got. Easy doesn’t have to mean unhealthy (shoutout to the stuffed sweet potatoes), but sometimes a good, old-fashioned pizza does the trick.

You can’t change the world on a hungry belly. Set the timer. Make some dinner. Let’s keep going.