Three Quick Sheet Pan Suppers

Not sure how y’all do work from home days, but I’m getting really good at bopping around from thing to thing, not really finishing any of my tasks all morning. When the girls go down for nap, I set up my computer with the best of intentions, but the quiet is so inviting to just check out Instagram right quick. All of a sudden it is 3:56 and I have a whole day’s worth of work to cram into the next four minutes. I scramble to get done what I can and (sloppily) finish the rest while the girls take a snack break. Oops.

And then it’s time for dinner. Ah! Why is it always time for dinner??

Anyway, if you find yourself scrambling at the end of the day, here are three of my favorite sheet pan suppers. They take a few minutes of chopping to get ready, but once you do that, you are free to finish up those last few things you really should have done this morning. Hooray!

Sheet Pan Fajitas
Sheet Pan Fajitas
Sizzling fajitas without standing over a hot pan? Yes, please! Skip the chicken if it's also meatless Monday, and serve with avocado slices, sour cream, and salsa no matter what.
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Sweet Potato Hash with Eggs
Veggie Hash with Eggs and Bacon
This dish combines two of our favorite food trends: breakfast for dinner and sheet pan suppers. Mix your favorite veggies with spices and diced bacon. Roast and top with eggs. Ta-da! Dinner is ready.
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Honey Orange salmon and Broccoli
Honey Orange Salmon and Broccoli
This salmon-based sheet pan supper comes together in no time and makes the house smell so good! There's something about citrus that makes everything bright, even roasted broccoli.
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P.S. You know what makes things even easier? If we do the chopping for you! Check out this week’s menu and get the honey orange salmon all ready to roll!

Also, let us know if you’ve tried any of these recipes or if you have your own favorite sheet pan supper to share with the class.

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